Is Street Hockey Like Ice Hockey?

Hockey is a sport that is played, watched, and loved by millions of people from all over the planet. While most people think of ice hockey when they hear the term hockey, street hockey has recently been growing in popularity.

It is a fun and casual game for many, but can be played in a more competitive way, too. But are these two sports similar? Or are street hockey and ice hockey completely different games with few transferable skills? 

Well, that is exactly what this article is going to take a closer look at. Keep reading to learn about some of the similarities and differences between street hockey and ice hockey.

Ways Street Hockey is Like Ice Hockey

The first way that the games are similar is in how they are played. The rules and goal of the game are the same in both street and ice varieties. It is all about players getting in the right position to score goals, while also attempting to stop the other team from scoring.

Each team has a goalie, defenders, and forwards and their roles are the same in street hockey as they are on the ice. The skills players use in both games are also the same. Players need to be able to move quickly, be agile, and know how to shoot, pass, and handle the puck.

Just like ice hockey, street hockey can have penalties that are called when a player does something illegal or against the rules. This can include hooking, interference, tripping, high-sticking, and many others.

Differences Between Street Hockey and Ice Hockey

While there are many similarities between the two sports, there are also some differences that it is important to be aware of. The main difference is the surface on which the game is played. While ice hockey is played on ice, street hockey is instead played on the street.

However, street hockey games can also take place in parking lots, or anywhere else where there is a big and open space with a hard floor surface like concrete or even a sports court. As long as you have space, a net or two, and a few players, a street hockey game can be played.

The equipment and gear used are also quite different. Players will wear shoes instead of skates, and the sticks they use are different. The concrete and asphalt will destroy many sticks that are good on the ice, so street hockey players will often elect for one with a plastic blade.

Protective gear like helmets, shin guards, and elbow pads are often worn, but street hockey players won’t need to wear large shoulder pads, hockey pants or other protective gear, as the game features less contact and players are going slower, so there is a lower chance of injury.

Also, in street hockey, there generally isn’t contact allowed. Hitting is a major part of ice hockey to win the puck off of defenders, but in street hockey, you will need to use your stick skills and defensive instincts to stop opposing players from advancing the puck or scoring.

Team sizes can also differ. Ice hockey is generally played 5 on 5, while street hockey can feature games of 3 on 3 or 4 on 4, depending on where the game is played.

The size of the playing surface is also different. Some can be played on a regulated piece of concrete or a court, but street hockey can also be played on any large and flat surface that can support the game.

So while there are some differences, street hockey is certainly a little like ice hockey, and many of the skills and rules transfer from one to the other. If there is something you feel like I missed mentioning in this article, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below!

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