About Me

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Hi, my name is Kale and I have been a lover of hockey and various other sports ever since I was a child. Being from Canada, hockey is essentially a way of life. From the time I could walk, I was being put on skates and instantly fell in love. 

Why I Created HockeyHow

The reason I decided to create hockeyhow.com is to share my knowledge and passion for hockey with the world. If I can answer even one person’s question or teach them something new about this wonderful game, I have done my job.

Another reason I created the site is to help people get into the sport of hockey. It can be an intimidating sport to get into, as there are plenty of rules to understand and pieces of gear to buy. My aim is to help provide a one-stop-shop for all of your hockey-related needs.

I am to be a resource you can trust not only for honesty, but also for high-quality content that is entertaining, informative, and educational.

What You Will Learn

You will learn a lot about the equipment required to get out on the ice and perform well, whilst staying safe. This includes helmets, hockey sticks, protective gear, skates, and others. The right gear can make all the difference in everything from your skating to your shooting.

I will provide buying guides for different types of gear, make recommendations and help you get outfitted with the right gear, without spending an arm and a leg. But this site is also about so much more than equipment.

I aim to help readers learn about the rules of the game, the history of the sport, how to improve as a player and answer a variety of frequently asked questions that you may have about hockey. 

How We Get Our Information

First, I rely on my decades of experience surrounding the game of hockey. From playing as a child (and the occasional street hockey game with friends today), to being a fan over 20 years later, I feel my knowledge of the sport is strong.

In addition to my own experience, I put a ton of research into every guide and article I write. I want to ensure everything that goes up on this site is high-quality, well-researched and provides value to you, the reader. 

Whether it is an equipment guide or an article on how to skate faster, I use my own experience and knowledge and pair it with information from experts in the space or online feedback from those who have used the equipment.

How You Can Help

This site isn’t only about me, it’s also about you. I greatly look forward to reading your feedback and hearing from you about the ways that I can improve the site. I’m always open to constructive feedback and tips on how I can get better.

In addition to feedback, feel free to leave me some tips on the type of content you would like to see or let me know of anything you think I’ve missed! I would love to hear about your experience with certain equipment, as well.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy my site, whether you are a beginner looking for the right gear, or a fan looking to deepen your knowledge of this fantastic sport.

The best way to contact me is here.