10 Best Hockey Pump Up Songs

Music has long been an important part of hockey and sports in general. It plays a huge role in the atmosphere in an arena, and many players will listen to music before the puck drop to get ready for the game.

I remember countless times on the way to various sports games as a child blasting the music in the car to get ready for the game ahead. But which songs are the best at getting players and fans alike pumped up and ready for the big game?

That is exactly what this article is going to take a closer look at. Read on to see my personal list of the best hockey pump-up songs out there.

1. Thunderstruck by AC/DC

This is a classic that is not only fun to sing along to, but everything from the vocals to the guitar just gets you amped up. It is great to play at all times of the game, but especially after a big hit or a huge goal. It is commonly played in arenas, dressing rooms, and cars alike. 

Despite how long the song has been around, and how often most of us have heard it, it simply never gets old and will continue to be played by hockey players and fans for years to come.

2. I Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty

While the song is a little more toned-down than some of the metal songs that are often played to pump people up, there is something special about this song. The guitar and the crispy voice of Tom Petty make this a popular song not only for being pumped up for hockey but in general.

This is a song about resilience, standing up for yourself and your team, and staying strong. All of these are themes that are very important in a hockey game, so it should come as no surprise that this song appears on this list. The song is a joy to listen to, each and every time.

3. Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

While this song has lyrics that are just fine, it is the bass chords and guitar that are being played throughout the song that make it so popular. The riff in the song is absolutely legendary and sports audiences all over the world chant it regularly.

A series of “oh” sounds are sung to the beat of the riff by fans, and this can be seen at many sporting events, including hockey. It gets everyone excited and is something all fans find joy in participating in.

4. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

Made famous by Rocky III (as it was the theme song), Eye of the Tiger is a sensational pump-up song that has been used for all different types of sports and events and even political campaigns. You would be hard-pressed to find someone that hasn’t heard the song.

Everything from the opening music, to the lyrics, to the ending is sure to get you excited for whatever is ahead of you. It was released around 40 years ago and is just as well-known today as it was back then.

5. We Will Rock You by Queen

Queen has a number of outstanding songs that could have appeared on this list, but I decide to choose “We Will Rock You” as the song to represent them. It is a classic and in my eyes, should be played at least once every game.

It is all about intimidating and sending a message to the opponent that you are about to beat them, and the legendary Freddie Mercury’s voice is second to none. The lyrics are meaningful and the music is sure to have people raring to go.

Also, the stomp-stomp-clap is very easy for fans to participate in from their seats. The song is timeless, gets everyone in the arena excited, and helps people believe that their team is truly going to rock their opponents.

6. Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex

If you listen to this song and aren’t tempted to dance, something is wrong with you. It is far and away one of the most entertaining songs often played in arenas during breaks in play. People all over the arena will get up and let loose, without a care in the world.

While it may still pump players up, this song is definitely more of a crowd-pleaser and often used to get fans on their feet and more involved in the game.

7. Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses

Few songs are as powerful as this when it comes to pre-game intimidation of opponents. This song, combined with how much fans get into it, is sure to show opposing teams that they have a long night ahead of them and are in trouble.

Everything from the vocals, to the music, is aimed at taking the morale of the opposing team down. The guitar solos are great, and the last minute of the song in particular is sure to get people amped up and ready for whatever is ahead of them.

8. I’m Shipping Up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys

This song simply exudes energy from start to finish. It is sure to get everyone on their feet and ready for anything. It is a Celtic punk song that is very unique, and everything from the instruments used to the vocals helps people get in the zone.

While the song is seen as an anthem in Boston among many, it is played all over the world. Players in the dressing room, fans in the arena, or even in the car on the way to the arena, this song will hype everyone up for the game they are about to watch or play in.

9. Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting by Nickelback (Originally Elton John)

This song is best known for its play on “Hockey Night in Canada” which is a staple for Canadian hockey fans. While the song was originally created and sung by Elton John, the Nickelback version is the one many people will think of and connect to hockey.

The song is exciting, brings a lot of passion and gets people hyped up to watch (and play) some hockey.

10. Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

No matter where you hear this song, it is impossible not to want to jump up and down when Crazy Train comes on. The riff at the beginning is sure to draw people in, and the song as a whole energizes anyone who listens to it.

Ozzy is a legend in the heavy metal world, so it should come as no surprise to see this song in this article. While the song can be played anytime, it is especially great when teams want fans to make some noise.

Any of these songs are sure to pump up players and fans alike for the game ahead. Are there any other songs that you feel deserved a spot on this list? If so, be sure to share them with me in the comments below!

About Kale
Being from Canada, hockey is essentially a way of life. I instantly fell in love with the game since I was being put on skates. From playing as a child (and the occasional street hockey game with friends today) to being a fan for over 20 years, I’m here to share my knowledge and passion for hockey. Email: kale@hockeyhow.com

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  • Bonomo number25

    I play hockey for the black stars and this was really helpful I would also suggest lose yourself by Eminem

    • Kale

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the article! And yes, that is another great song to get pumped up for the game!

    • Ed Bate

      You should listen to “Definition” by Black Star