What Stick and Curve Does Connor McDavid Use?

Connor McDavid’s stick is currently a CCM JetSpeed FT5 Pro, a light stick with a mid-kick point. When it comes to his curve, he has a custom curve that is similar to a P92 curve with slight modifications. However, his retail curve is the P28.

Connor McDavid is without a doubt the best player in the NHL today. While his speed and game sense are top-notch, he also uses the right type of stick for his style of play. Having a stick you are comfortable with can make all the difference and really take performance to new heights.

Keep reading my guide to learn a little more about the stick and curve that help Connor McDavid score, pass, and stickhandle as well as he does.

Key Takeaways

  • Connor McDavid currently uses a CCM JetSpeed FT5 Pro stick. It is a light and durable stick, with a versatile mid kick point. He prefers the stick generally between 85 and 95 flex.
  • The McDavid curve is a slightly modified version of the P92 curve. But if you look in stores for the McDavid curve, you will see his retail curve, which is a P28.
  • Finding the right hockey stick and curve is very important to find success as a player. It might take some time and experimenting to find what you like, but it is worth the wait.

Connor McDavid’s Hockey Stick

Connor McDavid is sponsored by CCM and is currently using the CCM JetSpeed FT5 Pro hockey stick. It is a light stick with a mid kick point, which means it is solid for both powerful shots and a quick release. The stick is also durable.

When it comes to flex, McDavid likes his stick to have somewhere between 85 and 95. This means his stick is quite stiff, and is great for quick stickhandling and offers a more responsive feel in many cases.

He likes a relatively standard stick length, though professionals will often change the height of their sticks slightly from game to game to see if it can improve their performance.

I like his stick choice as it is a versatile stick, and is perfectly suited for a player who is as offensively well-rounded as McDavid is.

The Connor McDavid Curve

Now that you know about his stick, what kind of curve does Connor McDavid use? While his retail curve that you will see in stores is the P28, like all professional players, his actual curve is custom.

In reality, his blade curve is similar to a mid curve P92, with some important changes. It has a little more curve on the toe than the P92, is a slightly thinner and smaller blade, and the blade itself is squared.

I think this curve fits his style of play as it is well suited for winning faceoffs, receiving passes, and making accurate shots and passes. It is a solid all-around curve and one that is popular for players at all levels of hockey.

Getting the right stick is important, but it is also very crucial for hockey players to think about the curve. It impacts everything you do on the ice, and certain curves may be better for you than others depending on how you play and your role on your team.

While the right stick and curve combo won’t turn you into Connor McDavid, it can certainly help you play better on the ice. Finding the right stick and curve might not happen overnight, but is well worth the time and effort.

Final Thoughts

A lot goes into Connor McDavid being the best player in the NHL, and his hockey stick is a big part of how well he is able to play. I hope my guide helped you learn a little more about the stick he likes to use, and the curve he has.

When you play, what sort of stick and curve do you like to use? And why? Let me know in a comment below.

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