8 Best Hockey Skates

This guide will go over some of the best hockey skates you can find. There are many solid options, but after a lot of thought and consideration, the CCM JetSpeed FT470 Hockey Skates are my choice for the best pair of hockey skates on the market.

Since I got my first pair of skates when I was only a few years old, I have gone through countless pairs. When you finally get a quality pair of skates on your feet, you can instantly tell the difference in terms of how they feel and how well they perform.

The CCM JetSpeed FT470 is a versatile pair of skates that provide good comfort, a variety of features and solid performance, all at a price lower than many other similar skates. The skates are durable, offer superb support and padding, all while remaining lightweight.

While these skates are a strong choice, there are countless other great skates out there worth considering. There are options for every budget, skates for those with wide or narrow feet, adjustable skates and various others that are worth knowing about.

Continue reading if you want to learn a little more about some of the best hockey skates that money can buy. Having the right skates can make all the difference when it comes to how you can help your team on the ice.

Top Hockey Skates

Here are a few of the best skates on the market, along with a little information about each of the options and why I recommend them.

1. CCM JetSpeed FT470 Hockey Skates

  • Best for: A great overall pair of hockey skates.
  • Support: Memory foam, padding and an anatomical response footbed.
  • Comfort: Contour pads and high-quality materials.
  • Protection: Durazone abrasion protection, a thick felt tongue and ankle padding.

This pair of skates has a lot going for them, without as high a price point as many other similar options. The Metaframe technology in the skate ensures a great fit, and it features high-quality materials for great construction and build quality.

With an anatomical response footbed, and memory foam comfort pads around the ankle, the support and comfort offered by these skates is top notch. The multi-density ankle foam provides an adequate level of stiffness without impeding how flexible or mobile you can be.

The blade of the skate is impressive, and also very easy to change out. The skates are quite resistant to wear, and work wonders to protect your feet thanks to the Durazone abrasion protection and thick felt tongue. The design and colors of the skate are also quite striking.

One downside of these skates is that the default regular width can be a little narrow, so keep that in mind if your feet are wide. However, they also offer an EE version, which is a bit wider and suited for larger players or those who want a little more room in their skates.

==> You can also get it on HockeyMonkey.ca (Canada) or HockeyWorld.com.

2. Tour Hockey Tr-750 Ice Hockey Skates

  • Best for: Those players looking for a very affordable pair of skates.
  • Support: Composite panels with sturdy support for your ankles.
  • Comfort: A brushed comfort lining and foam.
  • Protection: Foam padding, a padded tongue and strong outer materials.

If you are looking to save money when picking up a pair of skates, these are worth a look. When it comes to support, these skates shine with their composite quarter panels that keep your ankles in the right place and help prevent buckling.

Not to be outdone, the comfort of the skates is also satisfactory due to the brushed comfort lining and foam combo. The foam padding also helps with the protection offered by these skates. A thick and padded tongue, along with relatively strong outer materials is also quite nice.

While the skates are a solid choice overall, especially at their price, they do have a tendency to run a little small. So it could be wise to size up a little. Also, due to the price, there is a lack of performance features that you may find in other, more expensive skates.

==> You can also get it at Walmart.

3. Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Hockey Skates

  • Best for: Players who value comfort over everything.
  • Support: Foam padding.
  • Comfort: Thinsulate-lined upper, as well as a lightweight design.
  • Protection: Durable nylon upper and thick padding/material throughout the skate.

If you value comfort the most when it comes to your skates, these are a great option to consider. The crown jewel of the skate is the Thinsulate-lined upper and tongue, providing a ton of plush comfort. There is also foam padding that adds to this comfort, and also a bit of support.

The durable nylon upper helps these skates hold up well over time, and the synthetic outsole ensures these skates are not only light, but also offer decent protection for your feet. The skates also look great and come in sizes perfect for any man, woman or child.

A drawback of these skates is that they simply don’t offer the performance or support that some players want or need on the ice. They can also get a little too warm due to the liner being very soft, so they might not be great if you tend to get quite hot during your games.

==> You can also get it at Kohl’s or Dick’s Sporting Goods.

4. Botas Draft 281 Hockey Skates

  • Best for: Hockey players who want a sturdy and supportive skate.
  • Support: Great ankle support with strengthened sides.
  • Comfort: Padded material, as well as quality fabric and an anatomical tongue.
  • Protection: Synthetic velour padding ensures the skate is strong and extra toe padding.

From one of the best European skate brands, these skates are the cream of the crop when it comes to support and stability. The strengthened sides of the skates offer great stability around the ankle, to allow players to remain upright and in full control, whether deking or backchecking.

The upper of the skate is made of PA fabric, which is combined with a highly resistant synthetic. While supportive, the padded lining is also quite comfortable and the anatomical tongue keeps the top of your foot secure and protected.

While the skates offer great support, the durability can be questionable at times. They also have a tendency to run a little large, which can be problematic, but thankfully, they offer plenty of sizes to choose from.

==> You can also get it at Walmart.

5. American Athletic Ice Force Hockey Skates

  • Best for: Younger players.
  • Support: The composite mold used gives the skate great lateral support at the ankle.
  • Comfort: An inner liner that is breathable and packed with soft comfortable padding.
  • Protection: Durable construction, as well as a custom feel thanks to the padding.

These skates are great for younger players and those just getting into hockey. They are affordable and the design/composite mold ensures that these skates offer a great fit, as well as solid support at the ankle. This is crucial for children as good ankle support can help prevent injury.

These versatile skates can be worn in an indoor rink for your games, but then also in the great outdoors for some pond hockey. The skates are light, but can help a player achieve both power and agility at the same time. The breathable liner can also reduce discomfort and keep you dry.

While they are good for recreational hockey at a young age, the overall performance of the skate will fall behind other options. However, for a first skate, or for young players just starting out, they will certainly be satisfactory.

==> You can also get it at Walmart or Dick’s Sporting Goods.

6. Lake Placid Wizard 400 Boys Adjustable Ice Skates

  • Best for: Those who want skates that can grow with their child.
  • Support: Ankle support that has been reinforced.
  • Comfort: Padding on the top, front and sides of the boot.
  • Protection: A strong toe with quality materials throughout the design of the skate.

Buying skates for your child can be a tough process. You want to get them something nice, but you know they will just grow out of them in a year or so. Instead of buying many pairs, why not consider purchasing an adjustable pair of skates?

With a simple rotation of a lever and sliding of the toe, you can quickly and easily change the size of these skates, without impacting their performance. You can get about 4 shoe sizes of expansion through the use of this helpful feature.

In addition to being adjustable, these skates have a few other things going for them, as well. They have reinforced ankle support, padding throughout the boot to ensure both comfort and protection, and the use of quality materials, including a synthetic upper.

While the skates are adjustable in terms of their length, it would have been nice if they could also adjust width-wise, as well. This is especially unfortunate as the skates are quite wide and may not fit players with smaller feet very well.

==> You can also get in at Walmart.

7. Bauer Nexus 2N Hockey Skates

  • Best for: Skaters who have wide feet and need more room.
  • Support: Memory foam ankle padding and Form-Fit+ footbed.
  • Comfort: A quality liner to keep you dry and a light construction.
  • Protection: Tongue with metatarsal guard and a stable and well-made boot.

If you have wide feet and have had difficulty finding a good pair of skates, these skates are the answer to your prayers. They are very roomy, but still stay supportive thanks to their memory foam ankle pads and comfortable footbed.

The liner throughout the skate ensures you stay dry, and despite how large these skates are, they are still very light. This is great to ensure your performance doesn’t suffer and you can continue to be as agile and mobile as possible.

The metatarsal guard and the overall stability of the boot ensure your feet will stay safe from any slashes or errant puck deflections. The great level of stiffness in the skate is great for responsiveness and gives you full control over your movements on the ice.

Perhaps the biggest downside of these skates is their price. While they are very high-quality, and in-line with their competition, their price tag can certainly drive some people away. But if you have wide feet and nothing else works for you, you can’t put a price on comfort.

==> You can also get it on HockeyMonkey.com or HockeyWorld.com.

8. Bauer Vapor X2.9 Hockey Skates

  • Best for: Players who have narrow feet and need skates that fit.
  • Support: 3D Lasted Tech mesh quarter for support along with a liner and foam padding.
  • Comfort: Memory foam-lined footbed, felt tongue and a personalized fit.
  • Protection: Flexible metatarsal guard and a PERFORMFLEX system to keep your feet safe and in the right position.

If you have narrow feet, finding skates that can accomodate isn’t always easy. Thankfully, this offering from Bauer is just what you need. They feature a low-profile design to offer a superior fit on those who may have feet a little smaller than the average in terms of width.

The included PERFORMFLEX system works wonders when it comes to keeping your feet safe and secure in the proper position to improve your performance on the ice. In this system you also have the 3D Lasted Tech Mesh quarter, which provides great support and a perfect fit.

The foam padding throughout the boot (especially the ankle) also aids in support. Everything from the footbed, to the liner, is designed with both comfort and support in mind. The skates make it easy to switch over to new blades, and the edge holder can improve your stride.

Because they are meant for narrow feet, you need to be careful with the sizing. If you go too small, they can certainly be very tight, and could put a lot of pressure on your heel. Thankfully, Bauer has several different sizes and width options to choose from, just be careful either way.

==> You can also get it on HockeyWorld.com.

Best Hockey Skates: What to Look For

If you are looking for the best pair of hockey skates, these are a few of the most important things to look for.


Perhaps the most important part of choosing the right skates is to get the right size. Skates come in a range of different sizes and widths, and choosing the right option for your feet is important. If you get the wrong size, wearing the skates will make your feet very sore.

Not only that, but wrongly-sized skates will hurt your performance and give you less control on the ice. While trying them on is a good idea, most skates will fit around 1-1.5 sizes smaller than your standard shoes.

Comfort and Protection

If you want to play long games and keep your feet in good shape, you need skates that are comfortable for you, as well. They should feature materials that don’t hurt your skin, and have enough padding to keep your feet from getting sore after prolonged use.

In addition to comfort, your skates should also protect your feet. Hockey is a sport full of hazards from sticks, to pucks, to other skates and even just the impact of hitting the boards or falling down.

Stiffness and Support

In order for a pair of skates to work their best for you, they should offer stiffness and support. If skates aren’t at least a little stiff, it can make it hard to turn well and be as agile as you want. This stiffness also helps to support your ankle and protect from injury.

Of course, if it’s too stiff, it can hurt your flexibility, so it is important to find a good balance. The footbed of the skate should also provide a lot of support. If not, it can lead to your feet wearing out quicker, especially if you have feet that are a little flat.


Here are a couple of answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about hockey skates.

How should skates fit?

In general, hockey skates should fit snug, but not too tight. When standing, your heel should fit snug in the heel pocket, and your toes should have a bit of space near the front of the boot. The boot shouldn’t be uncomfortable for the top of your foot, either.

How often should hockey skates be sharpened?

In order for hockey skates to perform their best, they need to be sharp. It can vary, but normally, sharpen your skates once every 10-15 hours of use to ensure they stay sharp. If you wait too long they will become dull which can hurt your performance on the ice.

When to replace your skates?

There will eventually be a time where you need to replace them. You will know when to replace when they are showing signs of wear, the support is no longer there or the blades are becoming “soft”. In some cases, the blade can just be replaced, but not all skates offer this option.

My Verdict

My choice for the best hockey skates are the CCM JetSpeed FT470 Hockey Skates. They offer a comfortable boot with adequate protection, a durable blade, and a variety of other features to impress anyone from a new skater to someone who has been skating for decades.

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