4 Best Hockey Elbow Pads

The purpose of this guide is to go over some of the best hockey elbow pads to keep you safe from painful injuries. My top choice, after a lot of research, is the STX Stallion Elbow Pad.

Playing many sports as a youth, wearing the proper padding and equipment saved me from a lot of injuries, whether on the ice or on the field. Even as you get older, the importance of the right equipment cannot be overstated when it comes to protecting you from injury.

The STX Stallion provides great protection, has solid coverage, and was built with both performance and quality in mind. It does an adequate job in the mobility department and has a comfortable fit.

While this particular elbow pad is a popular and quality option, there are several others if you want something different. Whether you want something with a lower profile or something that offers you some arm or wrist protection, there are other pads worth your consideration, too.

Keep reading this guide to learn a little bit more about some of the best hockey elbow pads out there. Whether you are playing in the championship game or just a street hockey game with your friends, elbow protection is crucial to keeping you safe and comfortable.

Top Hockey Elbow Pads

Here are my recommendations to consider, as well as a closer look at why I have chosen them.

1. STX Stallion Elbow Pad

  • Best for: A great overall elbow pad.
  • Materials: EVA foam and outer fabric.
  • Protection: The foam and durable outer fabric offer great protection.
  • Comfort: Strong without being stiff, and are designed with a good fit in mind.

If you are looking for a solid overall elbow pad to check off a variety of boxes, this is a good option to consider. It uses EVA foam to absorb and disperse any impact and has targeted zones of protection to keep you in good shape and on the ice.

Around the EVA protection foam is a durable outer fabric that is soft and comfortable for the skin, while also standing up to the wear and tear that a game of hockey will put on equipment. It has a 2-piece design that is easy to put on and keep in the right position and place on your arm.

The pad also does a great job of being strong and well-built, without being too stiff. This pad is also quite versatile as it comes in both senior and junior styles, and has several different sizes to ensure you get the proper fit. It is great for both new and experienced hockey players.

One drawback is that the velcro has the potential to scratch your skin during play if you’re not careful when putting them on. While they allow for good movement, it will still be less articulation than three-piece pads.

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2. G-Form Pro-X Elbow Pads

  • Best for: Those who want better mobility and movement.
  • Materials: A soft and flexible foam and compression fabric.
  • Protection: Decent protection, but not as much as others.
  • Comfort: Very comfortable and mobile due to the low-profile design.

While protection is important, you also want a pair of elbow pads that help with mobility. If the elbow pads are too restricting, it could impede your performance and make it difficult to make accurate passes, shoot with power or stickhandle with success.

As a result, a thinner and more comfortable pair of elbow pads is often a preferred choice for some players. These pads from G-Form feature a soft and flexible foam that stiffens on impact to absorb a lot of force.

These are very low-profile and will fit incredibly well without moving, due to being mounted on compression fabric. This fabric is very breathable and will wick moisture away from the body. They are also machine-washable, if you want to keep them looking and smelling fresh.

They are very light, and you will hardly feel them while playing until you need them. These pads come in a couple of different colors, and sizes that range from youth small to an adult x-large, to accommodate players of all sizes and ages.

The downside of these pads is that they are not as durable as some other options. Because they are so sleek and thin, they may be more prone to ripping or tearing the fabric than a thicker and stronger product.

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3. Tour Hockey Youth Code Activ Elbow Pad

  • Best for: Youth players.
  • Materials: Ultra-stretch material and custom padding.
  • Protection: Padding and ultra-lite protection to keep your child safe.
  • Comfort: Doesn’t slide around and features venting for comfort.

If you have a child and are looking to get them some budget-friendly, strong, and protective, look no further than these elbow pads from Tour. They are synthetic, feature custom ZURICK padding, and are made with an ultra-stretch material.

The high-quality padding is sure to keep any youth hockey player safe and sound. They feature air-mesh venting, to ensure players will stay comfortable. These have a great and customized fit and should stay right where they are put, even after a long game with plenty of falls.

While aimed at youth hockey players, there are still three separate sizes to accommodate youth players who are larger or smaller than the average. The straps are secure, the product is well made and the pads have a very cool and unique design.

One downside is that the pads are a little bulky. While this offers great protection and doesn’t hurt how comfortable they are, it could impact how well someone is able to play. However, in youth hockey, I would say safety is most important, so it’s okay to sacrifice some mobility.

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4. WRSI S-Turn Elbow Pads

  • Best for: Players who want extended protection. 
  • Materials: ABS plastic, neoprene, and mesh.
  • Protection: Provides both dedicated elbow and arm padding.
  • Comfort: Soft and breathable mesh and neoprene for comfort.

While some players are okay with a pad that simply covers the elbow, others want a little bit of extra protection. These elbow pads provide an extended layer of protection that goes down to the arm and nearly reaches the wrist.

Using an intelligent mix of ABS plastic, neoprene, and mesh, the designs were able to create elbow pads that are not only comfortable and light, but also offer ample protection for your entire arm. They also feature strong hook and loop straps to tighten and get the right fit.

The mesh around the padding helps ensure your arms can breath and also assists with keeping the pads in the correct place. Due to their lightness, and the materials used, there will be times that you hardly even feel like you’re wearing elbow pads at all.

While these pads can be used for ice or street hockey, they are also great for other activities and sports like biking, kayaking, and countless others. They can be used under clothing or your jersey, or on top of other layers.

They are snug, dry very quickly, and offer solid value to any player. Because of the three straps, putting these on and taking them off can be a little bit tedious, unfortunately. Other than that, they are a solid choice to keep you safe on the ice.

Best Hockey Elbow Pads: What to Look For

If you are looking for the best hockey elbow pads for staying safe, here are a few factors to consider before making a purchase.


Of course, being that these are a piece of protective gear, one thing to look for is a superb level of protection. The elbow pads should protect not only your elbow, but also potentially parts of your upper arm and forearm as well.

This protection is often offered by plastics, foam, or composite materials aimed at absorbing and distributing any contact. You want to also choose elbow pads that hold up over time, as well. If they break after a single impact, they won’t offer you a lot of value.


While you want adequate protection for your elbows, you don’t want to sacrifice your comfort to get it. These elbow pads should be comfortable enough to play in without impeding your movement like stickhandling, deking, shooting, or passing.

If they hurt your mobility, due to their size or their construction, it could limit your abilities on the ice. The pads should feature materials that are comfortable against the skin, and also ones that wick away sweat and moisture to keep you comfortable and dry during a long and difficult game.


The size of the hockey elbow pads is another thing to think about. They need to fit you well in order to offer optimal protection. If they are not the right size, there could be gaps in their protection and may even be uncomfortable to wear.

In addition to their fit, the physical size of the elbow pads is also important to know. If they are too bulky, they could get in your way and be a distraction. Too small, on the other hand, and they may not offer enough protection, which could lead to painful situations or injuries.


How should hockey elbow pads fit?

In general, hockey elbow pads should fit tight, but not tight enough that they hurt or cut off the circulation. They should offer you a good range of motion, and the center of your elbow should fit well in the cup, and the cup shouldn’t move or shift on the arm.

How do elbow pads protect you?

Hockey is a very physical game, and elbow pads will protect you from various types of impact. This could be a flying puck from a slapshot, an incoming body check, the boards, or even the ice if you fall.

How to tell if my elbow pads need replacing?

If your pads are beginning to sag and the padding has dispersed or isn’t as firm as it once was, it may be time to replace them. Also, if there is any ripping, tearing, or other signs that the construction has been compromised, it is best to replace the pads.

My Verdict

My selection for the best hockey elbow pad is the STX Stallion Elbow Pad. The pad offers great protection without sacrificing fit, and doesn’t hold you back on the ice. It offers better coverage than many other options and is made of quality materials.

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