What to Wear to a Hockey Game

Having been to plenty of hockey games throughout my life, one of the most important things to think about and consider is what you are going to wear. The last thing you want to do is be uncomfortable or cold for the next three hours or so.

You want to look good, but it is also important to stay warm. In general, I would recommend dressing in layers, as the game can be cold, but you also want the option to go a little light if the arena is adequately heated where you are.

Keep reading to learn some specifics of what I feel you should be sure to wear to a hockey game to look and feel your best.

What to Wear to a Hockey Game?

The key to dressing for a hockey game comes down to layering. You want options as you may want to take off or put on clothing as the game goes on. To make things simple, I’m going to break down what I generally wear to hockey games, from head to toe.

A hockey arena generally won’t be cold enough for you to require a toque or beanie, but they are definitely an option to wear if you want. If not, a standard baseball hat featuring your favorite team is a good call, or you could simply go without any kind of hat.

In most cases, you will want to bring and/or wear a sweater or jacket to have in the case. If you only go in a t-shirt, you may find yourself getting too cold. It is also common to wear a hockey jersey or team shirt of your favorite team for a bit more warmth and to show off your team spirit.

Wearing shorts is a definite no-no, and you should always go with a pair of pants or jeans. If you find you get cold easily, you may want to put on a pair of long johns under the pants, as well.

You will also want to wear socks and close-toed shoes or boots in most cases. Not only will this be warm, but it will keep you from getting things potentially spilled on your feet and will offer some protection if you get stepped on.

Of course, these rules can often go out the window if you are attending an outdoor game like the Winter Classic. These games often take place in very cold climates in the dead of winter. If you go to one of these, you really want to bundle up.

You should wear a scarf, a toque, a warm jacket, and throw on some warm gloves. Bringing some hand and boot warmers can also keep you feeling good. Also, a seat cushion or pad is smart. The seats are often hard plastic or metal, which can be excruciatingly cold in the winter.

How Cold are Hockey Games?

Speaking of the cold, just how cold are hockey arenas during a game? The answer is that it varies. In many cases, the air temperature throughout the arena will be around 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

While this is certainly not freezing, it can be a little chilly and certainly not great for summer clothing. Also, the closer to the ice you are, the colder it will be. So if you like sitting down by the ice, it is a good idea to toss on a few more layers and be prepared for the cold.

It is important to also be aware that every arena can be different. If you have never been to a particular arena before, don’t hesitate to ask someone about how cold it gets and what they recommend you wear to ensure you are warm enough.

Also, many children’s or beer league games are played in smaller arenas that may not have the same capacity for heating as professional arenas. So if you go to a game here, prepare for it to certainly be a little bit colder.

What Else Should You Bring to a Hockey Game?

While thinking about what to wear is crucial, you also need to think about the things you should bring to a hockey game. Some of the things not to forget are your tickets, a seat cushion, your phone (for taking some great photos), and maybe even a noise-maker or sign.

However, be aware that everywhere has different rules about the things that can be brought in, some familiarize yourself with these rules ahead of time. For example, some may not allow certain signs if they are deemed offensive or problematic in another way.

While eating and drinking are common for fans at all levels of hockey, don’t try to bring in your own food or beverages. Most arenas will sell their own and want you to spend your money on food and drink, not bring it from home.

Of course, this mainly goes for professional games, as most children’s or beer league games may not have concession stands. In these cases, bringing your coffee or hot chocolate generally won’t be a problem.

Also, consider getting to a hockey game a little early, as it can be fun to watch the warmups a bit and trying to get to your seat right before puck drop can be difficult with all of the people that will already be in the arena.

I hope this guide has helped you ensure you can look great and feel comfortable at the next hockey game you attend. Is there anything I missed that you consider a must-wear for hockey games? If so, let me know in a comment below!

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