How to Wear a Hockey Jersey: Style Tips

While hockey jerseys serve the primary purpose of distinguishing teams and players from one another and keeping players dry on the ice, they are also a fashion statement. The colors, logos, and styles of the jerseys can make them as popular to wear off the ice as on them.

However, to ensure the jersey looks as good as possible, you need to style it right. Someone can look fantastic in a jersey, while another person may look sloppy and unkempt. Thankfully, I’ve got some style tips to ensure you always look great with your hockey jersey on.

To simplify things, I’m going to break the guide into a couple of categories and include tips that pertain to each. So whether you are on the ice, in the stands, or walking through the mall, this guide is going to help ensure you look great every time you wear a hockey jersey.

At the Game

Going to a hockey game is a wonderful experience. The energy is unmatched and it can be a ton of fun. It also gives you a chance to show off your jersey and style to thousands of people who are likely to appreciate it. Here are a few style tips for wearing a hockey jersey as a fan.

Utilize Layers

Layering is without a doubt one of the most important tips for styling your hockey jersey. In addition to keeping you warm, layering can give you a chance to be creative with the look you create.

Jerseys look great when paired with a hoodie or jacket, but can also be worn with simply a t-shirt if you are feeling warm. Always choose colors for your layers that work well with the jersey you are wearing, too. The colors don’t need to match but certainly shouldn’t clash.

Of course, be sure to get a jersey large enough to layer with. If you get a jersey that barely fits, trying to put it over a jacket, hoodie or sweater will be challenging. Plus, hockey jerseys that are a little oversized often look a bit better than undersized ones.

Be Careful Which Jersey You Wear

Another style tip for wearing your jersey at a game as a fan is to be careful about which jersey you wear. If a player has landed in hot water for doing something illegal or being suspended for a dirty hit, it isn’t a good idea to wear their jersey to the next game.

Also, if you wear an away team’s jersey at a home game, be prepared to get a couple mean looks and maybe a comment or two. But as long as you are respectful and having fun with everyone, wearing the opponent’s jersey shouldn’t be a problem.

While custom jerseys aren’t my favorite, they can be worn. Of course, if it is offensive in any way, it should not be worn in public. If you want a little bit of extra information about how to dress for a hockey game, be sure to check out my guide on the subject here.

On the Ice

While not every player cares about how they look on the ice, some want to look their best. If you look good, you feel good, and will often play well. Keep reading to learn a few of my tips to ensure you always look great on the ice.

Get the Right Size

Getting the right size of the jersey is crucial to looking good on the ice. If the jersey is too baggy, it can look unkempt and the loose sleeves or arms can get caught easily. On the other hand, if the jersey is too tight it can look unflattering in its own way and can restrict your movement.

A correctly-sized jersey just looks right and won’t get in the way. Of course, when finding the right size, be sure to consider things like your shoulder pads and other protective gear, as these will need to comfortably fit under your jersey, as well.

Consider Tucking

Even if you get the right jersey, it may still be a bit long. While wearing your jersey untucked is fine, it can often look better and cleaner to tuck it in. It will also be more comfortable and natural for many players. If you can’t commit to the full tuck, you can even just tuck one side.

However, if by some chance you are an NHL player, you may want to refrain from tucking as NHL rules state that all protective equipment (including pants) must be under the uniform or jersey. That said, the rule is hardly called and plenty of players tuck, at least a little bit.

Keep the Jersey Clean

During a game, hockey jerseys can get filthy. They can get full of dirt, grime, blood, sweat, and a variety of other things. If you want to look your best out there, take time to clean your jersey between games.

Be sure to wash the jersey correctly, to ensure it doesn’t shrink or become damaged in some way.

Out in Public

In addition to wearing hockey jerseys on the ice or in the stands as a fan, you can also wear them out in public. At the mall, out for a walk or even on vacation, plenty of people like to show off their support for their favorite team. However, you need to be careful to do it right.

Avoid Tucking at All Costs

While tucking can look great on a player, a fan or someone wearing a hockey jersey out in public should never tuck it in. A jersey is a casual piece of attire, and tucking it in will just look strange. They are often quite large, and when tucking, the fabric will bunch and look awful.

If you have an excessive need to tuck the jersey so it is comfortable and fits well, you likely purchased a jersey that is far too big for you. Just like on the ice, finding the right fit for a jersey when wearing it in public is one of the most important factors in how good it ends up looking.

Make Sure the Environment is Right for It

While you can basically wear anything you want at most times, you should always wear something appropriate to where you are going. Just going to the mall for some shopping or out to a casual bar, wearing a jersey is more than fine.

However, if you are going to a wedding, to a fancy dinner, to a funeral, or somewhere else a little more formal, you should refrain from wearing a jersey as it will appear tacky and simply not fit the environment or situation.

By using the information and tips included in this guide, you can ensure you always look great in your hockey jersey, no matter where you are. Let me know in a comment if you think there is anything I missed!

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