Why are Hockey Jerseys so Expensive?

Buying a hockey jersey of your favorite NHL team or player is a great way to show your support. Whether you wear the jersey to a game, wear it to a sports bar, or hang it on your wall, it can allow you to show off your fandom and support your team.

Unfortunately, hockey jerseys aren’t exactly cheap. They are quite expensive. If you want an authentic jersey, you are looking at spending hundreds of dollars for a high-quality jersey.

But why are these jerseys so expensive? Well, that is exactly what this article is going to take a closer look at. Keep reading to learn more about why hockey jerseys may cost you if you want to pick one up.

A Lot of Work and Detail Goes Into Making Them

The first reason that these jerseys are expensive is because of the sheer amount of detail and work that goes into making them. They feature high-quality fabric, and things like the logos, player numbers, and names are often hand-stitched.

This is hard work and the jerseys are priced accordingly to reflect this detail. Hockey jerseys look good from afar, but getting up close and personal highlights just how detailed they are in terms of the patterns and colors, and the overall amount of work.

They Feature More Fabric Than Other Sports Jerseys

The fact that hockey jerseys also feature more fabric than other sports jerseys is another reason why they are more expensive. The use of more fabric often simply equals a higher price due to the costs of manufacturing and sourcing materials.

Basketball jerseys are sleeveless, football and baseball jerseys have short sleeves, but hockey jerseys have full-length sleeves and are normally longer. Not only are the jerseys larger, but the fabric used is also thicker and higher quality in many cases when compared to other sports.

These jerseys need to be a little warmer as players play on the ice, and thin jerseys would leave them freezing cold in many cases.

Because People are Willing to Pay for Them

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why hockey jerseys, and sports jerseys in general, continue to be so expensive is because people are willing to pay for them. Like everything, sports jerseys are priced based on supply and demand in many cases.

If enough people stopped buying hockey jerseys because of their price, the league would be forced to lower prices to entice people to begin buying them again. But enough people are buying them at their current pricing, that there is no reason for a price reduction.

We may eventually see jersey sales drop, but plenty of hockey fans buy jerseys every year, so I don’t see them dropping in price anytime soon. If anything, they may soon become more expensive.

Ways to Save on Hockey Jerseys

While buying hockey jerseys of your favorite team or player is generally expensive, there are indeed some ways to save. One great way is to wait for sales. Retailers often put hockey jerseys on sale, and waiting for these has the potential to save you a lot.

Shop around at different places (both in-store and online) and you will notice that prices can differ slightly from one place to another, and many will be consistently cheaper. Buying from these places as opposed to the overpriced ones is often a good idea.

Also, they make several different types of hockey jerseys. If you want one that is very similar to what they wear on the ice, you need to be willing to pay for the quality and hard work that goes into creating those jerseys.

But they also make other jerseys that are a little less detailed and not quite as high-quality. They may not look quite as good, and might be screen-printed instead of stitched.

These still allow you to show your support for your favorite team, but at a much more digestible price point. You can also buy knockoffs for low prices, but expect the quality and craftsmanship to be lacking in many areas.

Final Words

I hope this guide has been able to help you learn a little more about why hockey jerseys are so expensive, and some ways you can save when buying them. If there is anything else you feel I should have included, don’t hesitate to let me know in a comment!

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