Is Street Hockey a Real Sport?

Ice hockey is popular all over the world and has millions of fans and players alike. But in addition to ice hockey, there are various other types of hockey that include field hockey, ball hockey, and others.

But one of my favorites that I have spent countless days playing on driveways, sport courts, and streets with my friends is street hockey. However, is street hockey a real sport? Would those who play it be considered athletes?

Well to me, and many others, the answer is yes. This guide is going to go over a few reasons why I believe street hockey should absolutely be considered a real sport.

It Shares Many Similarities to Ice Hockey

It is impossible to play or watch street hockey and not see the similarities to ice hockey. The purpose and goal of the game are the same, much of the same equipment is worn, players use similar strategies, and even the same types of penalties can be called.

With so many similarities, I feel it is hard to argue that street hockey isn’t a sport. It is so similar to a game that no one would argue isn’t a sport, so I believe it deserves the same recognition.

Of course, there are also some differences between the two, such as the game being played outdoors, with a ball, and with shoes or rollerblades instead of skates. There is also no contact in street hockey, and players generally wear less equipment.

It is Often Played Formally and Organized

When many people think of street hockey, they imagine a bunch of kids casually playing on a quiet street to have a little fun and pass the time. While these games do occur, street hockey can also be played formally and in an organized manner.

There are many street hockey leagues and organizations out there that have more precise rules on everything from the game, to the surface it is played on, and so much more. There are many governing bodies, and several tournaments that take place across the world.

It Requires Players to Use Many Skills and Abilities

With a sport being a competitive physical activity in which participants use skills, equipment, and abilities to play against one another, street hockey certainly fits the bill. Players need to use and rely on a variety of skills and abilities to beat their opponents.

First of all, players need to have skill with the ball. Playing with a ball can be different than a puck, and playing on a surface that isn’t as smooth and fast as ice can make stickhandling and maintaining control of the ball much more difficult. 

Next, players need to be quick and agile. Just like with ice hockey, players moving around the surface to get in the right position to score a goal or stop the opponent from scoring is a major part of finding success in the game.

Hockey of any kind is a fast-paced game, so players need to have good stamina, as well. Players will often need to run non-stop during a game, with minimal breaks. They need to be in good shape and able to keep up with their opponents.

So as you can see, the answer to the question of whether or not street hockey is a real sport is a resounding yes. While it might not be as popular as ice hockey or other sports, street hockey is still a sport and those who play it are certainly athletes who take pride in their game.

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