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While hockey is simply a game to some, it is a way of life for others. Many players and fans alike are either thinking about hockey, playing hockey, watching hockey, or even reading about hockey during most of their free time.

So when it comes time to get these people a gift for their birthday or Christmas, it makes a lot of sense to get them something related to their favorite sport. But what sorts of items should you get for a hockey fan?

If that is something you’re curious about, I’ve got you covered. This guide is going to take you through some of the best gifts for hockey players and fans, in no particular order.

1. Fabric of the Game Book

This book is a great choice as a gift as even the most passionate hockey fan is likely to learn a thing or two from it. This book dives deep into the stories behind NHL team names, logos, and jerseys. It is a great read and will only grow their passion for the sport.

Of course, there are hundreds of other hockey-related books worth checking out, as well. Depending on the interests of the person you are giving a gift to, your choice may change. There are biographies, trivia books, hockey encyclopedias, and many others.

2. A Set of Mini Sticks

While all fans and plays love hitting the rink or the street to play some hockey, it isn’t always possible. If you want to have a little hockey fun inside, playing some mini sticks is a great option. This set of mini sticks comes with two goals, a variety of sticks and hockey balls.

These are great for children, teens, and adults alike who want to have a little game of hockey in the basement or living room. Everything is incredibly easy to put together, and if treated well, this set can last a long time.

3. EZ Goal Hockey Training Net

Training your shooting is one of the best ways to improve as a player. If the hockey player in your life wants a bit of practice, this hockey training net is a great idea. It comes complete with a backstop to not only rebound pucks, but protect whatever is behind the net.

Unfortunately, they may not always have a friend or parent willing to play goalie. Thankfully, this net comes with a shooter tutor with a couple of targets to allow them to work on their precision.

4. A Jersey of Their Favorite Player

Hockey fans and players alike love to sport a jersey of their favorite team. It shows their support and they can help everyone to see who your favorite player is. There are several places to get authentic jerseys of every player in the league, or even get one customized.

Some may not even decide to wear their jersey, either. Some may hang it up, get it framed or maybe only bring it out on very special occasions.

5. A New Pair of Skates

Over time, hockey skates can deteriorate. A new pair of skates every few seasons (or every season), can really help a player take their game to the next level. This makes them a wonderful gift that all players are sure to love.

They also come in a variety of different price points, so you never need to go over your budget to give this gift. Always be sure to know their size and fit preference, as playing in the wrong skates can be difficult.

6. Game-Used Memorabilia

Hockey fans are oftentimes collectors, as well. They will collect everything from jerseys, to hats, to cards, or even the ticket stubs to old games. However, nothing is quite as valuable to many hockey fans as game-used memorabilia.

This could be a jersey, a helmet, a stick, or even a puck. Just knowing a player has used or worn that item can make it worthy of collecting and showing off. If this piece of memorabilia is signed, it can become even more cherished and valuable.

7. Easton Synergy Hockey Bag

After a lot of use, hockey bags can get a little gross. Old equipment doesn’t smell the best and even once it is cleaned, the bag has likely held onto the stench. A gift that any player is sure to love, along with everyone living with them, will be a new hockey bag.

While there are many great bags, this bag from Easton has a lot going for it. It features heavy-duty zippers, very strong polyester fabric, great ventilation, and a ton of space with an internal accessory pocket.

8. Hockey Revolution Stickhandling Training Aid

An underrated art form in the game of hockey, stickhandling is important to retaining the puck and not losing it to opposing players. This handy stickhandling training aid can allow any player, young or old, to work on their puck control no matter where they are,

This training aid can be adjusted to a variety of different angles, to allow for working on many different techniques. This type of training is great for reaction time and better coordination, as well.

9. Sauce Toss

Whether they are tailgating, hanging out in the yard, or going camping, the hockey fan or player in your life is sure to love Sauce Toss. It is a reinvention of the popular bean bag toss game that has players shoot small pucks into tiny nets from a distance.

It is fun to play, but difficult to master. The set comes with nets, 8 pucks, and even a simple way to carry everything. It is easy to put together, and built well, so you can enjoy the game for years to come.

10. A Brand New Stick

Hockey players often go through a lot of sticks, and new and innovative sticks are coming out every year. As a result, no hockey player will be upset at getting a new stick. Whether they are a youth, junior or senior player, you can surely find a hockey stick for their needs.

Each stick will feature a different design, different curve, different kick point and have a different flex rating, so be sure to find one that fits the preferences and playing style of whoever you are giving it to.

11. Tickets to a Game

Few things beat a ticket to a hockey game when it comes to being a great gift. It allows them to see their favorite team, their favorite player and experience all the excitement that a live hockey game can bring.

Be sure to find out when they can go, and also where they like to sit. Whether you take them to the game yourself or buy a ticket for their close friend to go with them, you can be sure they will have an incredible time and be very thankful.

12. Team Hat

A team hat is a great gift as it allows someone to show off their fandom, as well as hiding any bad hair day. While you may need to get their hat size if it is a fitted hat, there are also snapback hats that are one size fits all, which can make your job as a gift giver much easier.

In a similar vein, several other clothing items can be given. There are socks, toques, shirts, shorts, and sweaters of every NHL team (past and present) as well.

13. Howies Hockey Stick Wax

If you play hockey, whether at a high level or just for fun, stick wax is one of your best friends. It protects your stick and tape job, can improve your precision when shooting and passing, and will even give players a little better grip on the stick.

Not only that, but this wax smells incredible and can help to mask any odors, and will ensure the hockey bag of your gift recipient will smell better than ever. Applying it to sticks is incredibly simple and won’t take more than a few seconds.

14. Superfeet Hockey Insole

While there are many different sizes of hockey skates, sometimes it is still hard to get the perfect fit. As I can personally attest to, wearing the wrong size of skate can feel awful and lead to a lot of pain, discomfort, and blisters.

A great way to improve how your skate fits is to consider getting an insole. These insoles have been designed to keep your feet stable while providing both structure and a higher level of comfort. There are many sizes, and they are incredibly durable and will hold up well over time.

15. Hockey-Inspired Wall Art

Everyone needs some decor for their rooms and home, and hockey fans love to show their personality with some wall decor. This could be a favorite photo of theirs, some hockey-inspired art, a panoramic shot of their favorite arena, or anything else you can think of.

If you are so inclined, you could even make your own. This could be fashioning some old hockey sticks into shelves or hooks, or even framing a jersey or other memorabilia and hanging it up.

16. NHL Video Game

If the person you are getting a gift for is also a fan of video games, there are few better gifts than the NHL video game from EA. It allows gamers to build their own team, create a player and run through realistic and amazing simulations of NHL seasons.

There is an endless amount of content, and fans will be ecstatic to use all of their favorite players. With NHL 22 being released on October 15th, 2021, it is the perfect Christmas gift. Of course, NHL 21 is still available and is very affordable right now.

17. Balance 1 Slide Board

When it comes to improving as a hockey player, skating is one of the primary skills to work on. But if you don’t live right next to a rink, you might not always be able to access one. That is where a slide board can come in handy.

These boards come with a board and some special booties that allow you to simulate skating. They allow you to glide back and forth as if you were skating on ice. They can help with perfecting your technique, as well as working your core and leg muscles.

18. A Booster Box of Hockey Cards

Hockey cards are another great option to give as a gift. There are few things as thrilling and exciting as opening a pack and not knowing what you’re going to get. It could be an autographed card, a rare card, or even a card with a piece of game-used jersey on it.

Whether your loved one wants to collect cards, or potentially sell some great cards for a profit, gifting someone a booster box of hockey cards is always a good idea. There are many different brands and price points to choose from, as well.

19. NHL Plush Licensed Blanket

Everyone loves a nice and comfortable blanket. No matter what team your recipient supports, there is a good chance you can find a blanket for them. 

These are incredibly soft and well-made, and sure to keep someone warm and cozy all day long. They can look great on the foot of a bed, on the back of a couch, or even hung up on the wall.

20. A Cameo From An NHL Star

Cameo is a service that allows people to buy a shoutout or message from a variety of celebrities, including NHL players. There are many players, past and present, that your loved one would be happy to receive a message from.

They could wish them a happy birthday, congratulations on graduating, or a variety of other things. The number of NHL players on Cameo is always growing, and I wouldn’t be shocked to start seeing some bigger names on the platform.

No matter whether your recipient is a player or fan, one or more of these hockey gifts are sure to put a smile on their faces. Did I miss any great gifts for hockey players and fans? If so, don’t hesitate to share them with me below.

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