How to Put on Hockey Socks and Keep Them Up

Playing hockey, one of the most annoying pieces of equipment to deal with is socks. You would think that simple socks wouldn’t pose an issue, but they certainly do. Many players will constantly have to adjust and pull up their socks throughout the course of a game.

Not only do falling socks look bad and distract you during play, but these socks also help keep equipment in the right place. 

As a result, you need to find a way to ensure your hockey socks stay up from the initial puck drop to the last second of the game. If you have struggled with properly putting socks on and keeping them up, you’re in luck. That is exactly what this guide is going to take a closer look at.

How to Properly Put on Hockey Socks

Before you put on your hockey socks, be sure to put on and properly tighten your shin guards. While socks can help keep them in place, the equipment itself should be secured and in the right spot for optimal protection.

Once that is done, simply put the socks on like you would any other pair of socks. Because of their size, the easiest way to do this is to roll the socks all the way down, put them on your feet, and then slowly roll the sock up and over your shin guards, making sure they don’t get caught.

Hockey socks come in a variety of sizes, and you need to find the right one for you. When trying hockey socks on, you want to account for the extra bulk of your shin guards. Better yet, bring your shin guards and make sure the socks will fit well before making a purchase.

If you get ones that are too baggy, they will be a nightmare to keep up and can look unkempt. But if you go too tight or small with hockey socks, it can be uncomfortable and you may have a hard time fitting them on at all.

How to Keep Your Hockey Socks from Falling

Once your socks are properly on and in the right position, you need to make sure you keep them up. As mentioned earlier, falling socks are a major distraction and can lead to equipment sitting out of position, which will limit their effectiveness.

Overall, there are a few strategies that hockey players will use to keep their socks up. First of all, many players will simply tape their hockey skates to keep them up. The added pressure of the tape makes it much harder for the socks to droop.

When it comes to how to tape the socks, it is important to start by wrapping some hockey tape just below the knee. You want to wrap it at least two times. It should be snug, but not overly tight. 

Next, it is common for players to pull the tape down diagonally and wrap it a few more times around the shin to ensure that the socks don’t fall. You can tape a bit more in different places if you’d like, but this is generally enough for most players.

Another method players will use is to wear a hockey garter belt. This belt has straps on either side that allow you to clip your hockey socks to these straps, making it impossible for them to fall unless they come undone. These will often have back straps, too.

The last common method that hockey players will use to keep their socks up is velcro. Some jock shorts will come with small velcro pads that easily allow you to attach your socks to the velcro by pushing them down.

These will often have a velcro tab not only on the front of the shorts but also on the back. While the velcro could come undone after a fall or some physical contact, this method is still miles better than having to constantly pull them up.

Certain socks may only work with one or two of these strategies due to how they are made, so always experiment with the best way to hold up the particular pair of socks that you get. Also, go with the method that is the most comfortable and easiest for you.

I hope the information and tips I have provided in this guide have been able to help you learn how to properly put hockey socks on, and the things you can do to keep them up. If you feel there is a tip or piece of information I missed, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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