4 Best Hockey Socks

This article is going to cover and talk about some of the best hockey socks on the market today. After plenty of research, my choice for the best hockey socks is the Hockey Shipper Knit Hockey Socks.

Using hockey socks is crucial for keeping your shin pads in the right place to provide protection. As a young player, I learned the importance of this equipment as a part of the uniform. Whether it was hockey or soccer socks, I used a variety of different options while playing sports.

The knit hockey socks from Hockey Shipper provide solid overall performance for you on the ice. They are durable and warm, without being too tight or stuffy. The fabric is breathable and these socks are for all different ages and skill levels.

Of course, there are other available pairs of hockey socks for hockey players to choose from as well. There are options if you want to stay cool, to stay light on your feet, or if you value durability over everything else.

Read on to learn a little more about some of the best hockey socks to complete your uniform and keep your equipment in place.

Top Hockey Socks

Here are my recommendations, as well as a short review of each of the options.

1. Hockey Shipper Knit Hockey Socks

  • Best for: Overall
  • Materials: A blend of polyester and cotton.
  • Durability: The fabric is thick, not prone to fading and should last game after game.
  • Color choices: Several striped options and a few solid colors.

These hockey socks offer a great all-around experience for players. Not only are they relatively thick and durable, but they do it without being overly stuffy, like other thick knit hockey socks. They are quite breathable and are made of 55% polyester and 45% cotton.

These socks will easily stick to the tabs of your jock shorts, and feature an elastic ankle to fit a variety of players and equipment. They come in sizes ranging from 20” for children and 32” for teens/adults. There are also over a dozen different colored and striped designs to choose from.

They are made in Canada, machine-washable, and great for either practice or the game. Thanks to their thick design, they should last you a long time if treated right. 

One downside of these socks is that the stitching on the stripes can be inconsistent at times, but this is purely aesthetic.

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2. EALER HS80 Ice Hockey Socks

  • Best for: Staying Cool
  • Materials: High-strength, yet cooling, polyester.
  • Durability: The high-strength polyester material allows for great longevity.
  • Color choices: They come in a couple of different solid colors.

If you want something a little different, these might be for you. Instead of being a knit, these socks are made of a high-strength polyester that offers a cooler experience. If you struggle with being too warm during the game, consider giving these a try.

They are incredibly lightweight, which can give you more control and more freedom to move. Their ventilation and breathability offer great comfort and means these are very quick to dry and offer good resistance against water. Despite how light they are, these socks are still durable.

If you have concerns about the durability at all, there is also the option of buying the 2 pack of socks. This will provide you with two pairs. You can rotate them to keep them fresh, or wear one at practice and one during the game. The choice is yours.

These socks come in sizes extra small, small and large, and velcro tabs help keep them in place. One downside is that these tend to be a little wide and baggy, and not as tight as some other models.

3. Pear Sox Hockey Socks

  • Best for: A lightweight feel
  • Materials: Acrylic and polyester construction.
  • Durability: The unique fabric blend makes these socks very durable.
  • Color choices: They come in a few darker and muted colors, nothing very bright.

Some players want a light feel in their socks, but still prefer the knit variety. If that is you, consider these socks from Pear Sox. Made in the USA, these socks feature a unique 50% acrylic and 50% polyester construction.

This combination helps these socks not only be strong, soft and durable, but also very light. They are also built with eco-friendliness in mind and are great at managing the moisture from the snow, ice and water you will encounter during a game.

One drawback is the lack of colors offered compared to other options. They only offer one color that isn’t solid, so if your team uses striped socks or that’s what you’re after, these might not be for you.

4. FIRSTAR Rink Performance Hockey Socks

  • Best for: Durability
  • Materials: Constructed of a high-friction poly microfiber.
  • Durability: The socks are built strongly and hold up well, along with being high-friction.
  • Color choices: Many popular solid color choices to pick from.

If durability and longevity is your main concern, these are a good pair of socks to consider. They feature a high-friction microfiber fabric design to ensure they can hold up even in the roughest of in-game situations. Despite this, they remain very breathable to keep you comfortable.

They feature FlowStar mesh behind the knees, which not only helps with your movement and control, but also helps with airflow and reduces sweat, which can be very uncomfortable at times. They range from 18 to 30 inches in terms of size, and come in numerous color options.

These socks are great for the game, great for practice, or even great while playing some pickup street hockey with your friends. While they are a strong and popular product, they are a little more expensive than knit socks and tend to be a little on the loose side, as well.

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Best Hockey Socks: What to Look For

If you are looking for the best hockey socks to keep your shin pads in place and protected while looking great at the same time, here are a few things to look for.


Among the most important parts of choosing a pair of hockey socks is durability. You want your socks to be durable enough to stand up to game after game without ripping, tearing or becoming too stretched out. If they are too frail, you will constantly need to buy new ones.

Your legs often go through a lot during a game. They will sweat, be covered in snow and ice, and deal with a lot of hits from sticks and other players. If your hockey socks aren’t up to par, they won’t be able to handle many of these games before becoming ineffective.


You also need to look closely at the materials being used in the construction of the socks. Different materials will lead to different feels and quality of socks. Hockey socks can be made of a variety of different materials, including cotton, polyester, microfiber, acrylic, nylon and others.

In addition to having an impact on durability, the materials used can impact how breathable the socks are, how quickly they dry, how cool or warm they are and so much more. Of course, the materials should also be comfortable to wear.

Size and Color

The size of a pair of hockey socks is one of the most important factors in choosing the right one. You need a size that is comfortable on your legs, without being too loose that it lets your shin pads move around. The hockey socks should generally go from below your ankles to your thigh.

Also, in many instances, the color of your socks is also important. You will need to choose one that matches well with your jersey, pants and the rest of your uniform. The good news is, many options will come in a variety of colors.

My Verdict

Of all the hockey socks on the market, my choice for the best overall is the Hockey Shipper Knit Hockey Socks. Not only are they warm and durable, but also breathable and comfortable. They come in various sizes and colors, to ensure you can find the right pair for you.

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