Best Hockey Podcasts

Podcasts have taken over the world. They cover every topic under the sun from fashion, to politics, to yes, hockey. Whether you like to hear from players, learn about the “behind the scenes” of the league, or just like to hear experts chat, there is a hockey podcast for you. 

But with hundreds out there to choose from, how do you know which are the best and which might not be worth your time? Well thankfully, I’m here to help. This guide is going to go through some of the best hockey podcasts you can find to keep yourself entertained and educated.

1. Spittin Chiclets

Far and away the most popular hockey podcast is Spittin Chiclets. They cover a lot of the biggest news in the NHL, have a ton of opinions and takes, and also talk a little about pop culture in addition to hockey.

In addition to being a comical and entertaining show, Chiclets has far and away from the best guests of any hockey podcast. Throughout the years they have had the likes of Sidney Crosby, Chris Pronger, Jeremy Roenick, Chris Chelios, Auston Matthews, and many others.

They also do a good job of helping all guests get comfortable, which leads to some incredible behind-the-scenes stories from some of the biggest names in the sport. Few podcasts can give listeners and viewers such an authentic look into the lives of NHL players.

While I’m not the biggest fan of Barstool, and this is a Barstool podcast, you can’t deny how popular the podcast is and the quality of the guests they bring to the show.

2. Puck Soup

Puck Soup is a podcast hosted by several of the most well-respected hockey writers in the sport, such as Greg Wyshynski. They all have different areas of specialty and knowledge, and the podcast does a great job of covering the entire league so every fan will feel represented.

They are a nice mix of comedy and actual real analysis. They get more in-depth than other podcasts, but also ensure their content and conversation stay relatively light-hearted. They cover news, offer opinions and offer a lot more to their listeners, as well.

This show is particularly good for those who like hockey, but don’t mind a bit of chat about movies, TV, life lessons, and a variety of other topics.

3. 31 Thoughts: The Podcast

Featuring famed hockey insider Elliotte Friedman and radio host Jeff Marek, this Sportsnet podcast is another of the best options for your time. They do everything from recap games, cover news, and focus on other pressing and important issues throughout the NHL world.

Of course, this podcast stems from Friedman’s written blog, which is also called 31 Thoughts. However, it is much less-structured and is a much more free and open-ended conversation. These two hosts work incredibly well together, and the show provides a lot of value and insight.

The show is funny, while still being appropriate for the whole family, and is simply a great all-around and informative podcast.

4. Hockey Central

Another Sportsnet podcast and show, Hockey Central is hosted by former NHLer Anthony Stewart and other experts that include Jeff Marek, David Amber, and Justin Bourne. It is an informative show where everyone gives their opinions on recent happenings in the NHL.

They will discuss game results, individual players, preview games and playoff series and simply break down and analyze all of the different stories taking place throughout the league. The show also takes place every weekday, which is much more frequent than many others.

5. Dropping the Gloves

Hosted by retired former NHL All-Star John Scott, this podcast gives you an inside look at his life, both on and off the ice. He talks about his past in the NHL but also talks about many of the games, stories and other newsworthy moments that are still happening today.

He is very entertaining, very educated about the game, and breaks things down in a way that only big John Scott can. Any hockey fan will enjoy his takes on current events and his thoughts on everything from game results to game previews.

While it might not feature the in-depth analysis or coverage like other podcasts, there is a ton of value to be gained from listening to this podcast. He also brings on some great guests for one-on-one interviews from time to time, from all walks of life.

6. The Staff and Graph Podcast

While it hasn’t been around as long as some of the others on this list, this is certainly one of my favorites to listen to. This podcast is co-hosted by former NHL analyst Rachel Doerrie and hockey writer Mike Stephens.

The podcast covers general news and stories like most, but they also do a good job of looking at the more detailed things like stats and various hockey tactics teams and players may use. Don’t worry, they do so in a way that is very easy to understand and digestible for everyone.

While they certainly focus on hockey, the podcast is great as it also sprinkles in major news from other sports and shows the range and knowledge of the hosts in the sports world as a whole.

7. The Athletic Hockey Show

The Athletic is one of the most respected and popular sports news companies, so it should be no surprise to see their hockey show on this list. It is hosted by an array of different TV personalities, hockey experts, and writers.

It features all of the things you may want to hear and learn about and combines it all into one show. The podcast looks at upcoming matchups, holds interviews with the greatest minds in the sport, covers analytics, and also offers up some fantasy hockey advice.

The show takes place three times a week, so you will never have to wait long before the next episode goes up.

8. The Hockey PDOcast

If you’re a fan of analytics and hockey, this is the podcast for you. The podcast includes a lot of numbers and stats but is presented in a way that is very clear, concise, and not confusing. It might be a little too detailed for some, but stats fans like myself love it and all it covers.

Also, the host, Dimitri Filipovic, has a very quiet and monotone voice, which makes this a great listen for when you want something to relax with or listen to before bed. The show often features guests like hockey writers or statisticians, to keep every episode fresh and interesting.

The show covers the general stories and news but also gets in-depth with how teams and players do what they do, how teams adjust over time, and goes into how teams have achieved their success and much more.

Final Words

As you can see, there are several great hockey podcasts for those who love the sport. Whether you want comedy, breaking news, or a deep dive into the game itself, there is something here for everyone. 

Is there a podcast I missed that you feel should be included? If so, let me know!

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  • Rodney Avery

    What about the Sick Podcast with Tony Marinaro, or Raw Knuckles?

    • Kale

      Those are certainly some wonderful options too! Tony is incredible, I love his passion and he always has exciting and high-end guests on the show.

      As for Raw Knuckles, it’s always great to listen to a few pros talk about not only the sport, but also life in general. Hearing current NHL pros sit down and talk with them is always a treat, too.