4 Best Youth and Toddlers Hockey Skates

This guide is going to go over some of the best skates for those younger players looking to start their hockey journey. While there are many solid options, my choice for the best is the Bauer Unisex NS Skate Youth.

Back when I got my first pair of skates, I remember them being incredibly uncomfortable, and certainly held me back from being my best on the ice. When you get your first pair of quality skates, you can instantly tell the difference as it is very noticeable.

The Bauer NS skates are a good overall choice as they provide a lot of support, while also being incredibly comfortable. They come complete with padding throughout and provide a fit that is more anatomically friendly. The skates are also very durable and can last a long time.

While this pair of skates is great for nearly every kind of player, it is far from the only option. There are several other skates that are worth considering as well. Some are adjustable, while others are great for those on a budget or those who value comfort over everything else.

Getting your child the right pair of skates can be crucial to helping them improve as a player and stay comfortable. Keep reading to learn a little more about the best choices on the market.

Top Youth and Toddlers Hockey Skates Reviewed

Here are my recommendations for the best youth and toddler hockey skates, as well as a quick look at each option.

1. Bauer Unisex NS Skate Youth

  • Best for: A solid overall skate for youths.
  • Support: Shaped EVA foam and padding.
  • Comfort: Microfiber lining and quality padding throughout.
  • Sizing: A variety of different youth sizes.

The Bauer Unisex is a great beginner skate for any youth player looking to work on their skills and become the best player they can be. The unique construction of the boot provides a 15% boost to ankle support, while also assisting how well the skate fits on the foot.

In addition to strong support, this skate also ensures that the wearer can enjoy high levels of comfort on the ice. The liner is very soft and wicks away moisture, while the EVA foam and padding offer up a lot of comfort for all areas of the foot.

The blade and holder of the skate also allow for great stability and help with things like balance and control, as well. While there is a lot to love about these skates, a potential negative is that they are a little more expensive than some of the other options out there on the market.

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2. Lake Placid Wizard 400 Adjustable Skate

  • Best for: Those who want adjustability.
  • Support: Sturdy and reinforced ankle support.
  • Comfort: Deluxe comfort padding and a padded tongue.
  • Sizing: Capable of being adjusted to fit many sizes.

If you want a skate that offers some adjustability so you don’t need to constantly buy your child a new pair of skates, this is a good option to consider. With a simple rotation of a lever, you can slide the toe forward and backward for a customized fit to get the most out of these skates.

The padded tongue and quality laces ensure a good fit, while the deluxe comfort padding helps to reduce potential foot pain. The reinforced ankle support is superb and helps assist players to avoid injuries, while also giving them more stability when turning and stopping.

A drawback of these skates is that the skates are quite stiff. This may lead them to be a little uncomfortable for some new players to wear and could take longer than normal to fully break into.

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3. CCM Super Tacks 9350 Youth

  • Best for: Value
  • Support: Injected core technology and CCM footbed for a supportive boot.
  • Comfort: Brushed microfiber liner, foam and an ergonomic fit.
  • Sizing: Anywhere from size 6 to size 13.

If you’re on a lookout for value, these skates from CCM are a solid choice. While they are great for almost any budget, they provide a lot of high-quality features. The boot itself is made from a 3D constructed system that helps create the comfortable shape of these skates.

This system also adds a lot of durability to these skates, while also contributing to how comfortable they are. The microfiber liner also adds even more comfort and helps them last even longer.

As far as support goes, these skates have a unique CCM footbed and thick cushioned foam over the foot to keep it secure and give the player full control of their movement. In addition to support, this also helps add protection against any errant pucks or sticks that can be painful.

A downside about these skates is that they are designed to be a medium-volume fit. While this will work for many players with average and standard foot dimensions, the skates may not fit those with narrow or wide feet quite as well.

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4. Lake Placid Summit Skate

  • Best for: Those who want a warm and comfortable skate.
  • Support: A quality sole and padding to keep the feet in place.
  • Comfort: Warm woven lining accompanied by deluxe comfort padding.
  • Sizing: Many different sizes for a variety of ages and sizes.

While support and a stiff skate are important, the most important thing for most youth players is being comfortable on the ice. This skate provides incredible comfort, largely due to its woven lining, sole, and padding. The skates are also warm for those who get a little chilly on the ice.

While they may not be as stiff as other skates due to their hybrid design, they still have decent ankle support. These skates also allow for some adjustability as they can be made bigger or smaller with a button.

This makes them great for all types of youth players. The skates are also very versatile and great for simply going skating, in addition to playing hockey.

One downside of this skate is that it is a little lacking when it comes to the support it provides, outside of the ankle. While it has plenty of padding and a soft liner, these are aimed more at providing comfort and warmth than helping offer up a lot of support. 

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Best Youth and Toddlers Hockey Skates: What to Look For

If you are looking for an awesome pair of skates for your toddler or youth player, here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which pair to get.


Perhaps the first thing to consider is the size of the skates. Whether you are an NHL player or a youth player hitting the ice for the first time, wearing uncomfortable and incorrectly sized skates is a terrible experience. Take time to properly measure a player’s feet and find the right size.

As youth players are growing quickly, this can often mean buying many skates over the years to keep up with this growth. While this is a fine option, it’s also a good idea to consider some adjustable skates that can grow with the player and ensure their skates always fit well.


Playing hockey, even as a youth player, can be a tiring experience. Games can be long and they can feel even longer and more difficult for those still working on their skating skills. A pair of skates should support your feet and offer adequate protection during the game.

If skates don’t offer adequate levels of support, they will be very uncomfortable to wear, even after only a couple of minutes. The soles of the skates should be supportive, and another crucial aspect of this support is the ankle.


While support is important, so is comfort. If you don’t get some skates that are comfortable, it could be difficult to make it a full game without experiencing a lot of pain. The skates need to fit you well and keep your feet feeling great all game long.

Comfort has a lot to do with things like the sizing and support offered in the skate, but also the materials that are used in them. Materials that are softer and provide more padding will generally lead to much more comfort than materials that are abrasive or hard on the skin.

My Verdict

My choice for the best overall hockey skate for youth players is the Bauer Unisex NS Skate Youth. The skate is very versatile as it provides both comfort and support on the ice. Add to that the fact it is durable and wicks away moisture, and you have a solid overall performer.

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