3 Best Street Hockey Goalie Pads

In this guide, I am going to go over some of the best street hockey goalie pads to help you keep every puck out of the net. After a lot of research and consideration, my favorite set of goalie pads for street hockey are the Winnwell Street Hockey Goalie Pads.

Having played plenty of street hockey games over the years, I know how much it can hurt to get hit with a slap shot, so having great pads is crucial to play goalie well in the sport. Not only will they keep you safe, but their size helps make it easier to stop the ball from being scored.

The Winnwell goalie pads are made specifically for street hockey, and feature a lightweight and durable design that is made with quality materials. The pads offer a great blend of both comfort and protection to help you play your best.

While these are a high-quality and versatile choice, they aren’t the only option available to you. There are also some pads that are great if you’re on a tight budget, and others that are perfect for goalies who may need more than just the pads.

Having the right pads is very important for a goalie, and can help you make every stop, while also keeping you comfortable and safe at the same time. Read on to learn a bit more about my choices for the best street hockey goalie pads out there.

Top Street Hockey Goalie Pads Reviewed

Here are my recommendations for the best street hockey goalie pads, and why I believe that they are a good choice.

1. Winnwell Street Hockey Goalie Pads

  • Best for: Goalies who want a solid overall pair of pads.
  • Protection: Microfiber for abrasion resistance and a thick (yet light) design.
  • Size: 21 inches on Amazon, but additional sizes on their website.
  • Durability: Reinforced with nylon and uses other quality materials to hold up well.

These are a good overall pair of goalie pads for street hockey, and there are several reasons why. Their durability is top notch due to the quality materials used. Most notably, they are reinforced with nylon that will keep them in good shape for longer than many other pads.

The microfiber that is used in the pads ensures that they not only stay comfortable, but also reduce abrasions. These pads offer great thickness to keep you safe, but are designed in a way that still gives you a lot of mobility and flexibility to quickly move across the crease.

A drawback of these pads, to some, is that they come in white. This looks great when they are clean, but over time they will likely become dirty and worn due to being played out on the street where there is dirt, dust, and other debris present.

2. BenKen Sports Hockey Goalie Pad Pack

  • Best for: Goalies on a budget who still want something quality.
  • Protection: Hard foam and the dispersion of pressure to protect your legs.
  • Size: 18 inches, 21 inches, 23 inches, 24 inches, and 27 inches.
  • Durability: Made of strong, yet flexible, materials that are not easy to break or damage.

If you can’t afford to spend a lot on your pads, but still want something that is more than acceptable, these can be a great option for you. Their hard foam construction, complete with pressure dispersion, helps make sure you feel great even after stopping some hard shots.

But despite the ample protection they provide, these pads remain lightweight and mobile, and definitely don’t feel like they weigh you down too much. They fit well, and the pads also come with a glove and blocker to provide a young goalie with everything they need.

The pads also come in many different sizes, to accommodate a variety of different players. With them being a more budget-friendly option, their overall durability and quality might be less, but they are certainly worth it for the price, especially with the inclusion of a glove and blocker.

3. Franklin Sports Street Hockey Goalie Equipment Set

  • Best for: Goalies who need a glove and blocker in addition to the pads.
  • Protection: Cushioned leg pads that are curved to provide optimal protection.
  • Size: 28 inches.
  • Durability: Uses premium materials and their solid construction means they were built to last.

While the pads are a crucial part of playing goalie in street hockey, you will also need a glove and blocker. Each item in this set is built well and should last a very long time if you treat it well.

The blocker features a high-density pad, and is incredibly comfortable to wear and use. The catching glove has a contoured pocket and a pro-style trap to give you the best possible control and performance during a game.

Of course, this set still comes with a solid set of pads that are curved and cushioned to provide a great mix of fit, comfort, and protection. The pads are strong, and come with easy-fasten straps to make putting them on and taking them off very simple and quick.

The one downside of this option is that it is a little more expensive than the previous choices. However, the fact that it comes with more than just the pads (and that everything is quality) means that it still provides you with great value.

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Best Street Hockey Goalie Pads: What to Look For

If you are looking for the best street hockey goalie pads, these are a few of the most important things to watch for and consider.


The first thing to look for is the protection that the goalie pads provide. During a street hockey game, players will be shooting a hard ball at you to try and score, so you need pads that are up to the task of protecting you.

The pads need to be thick enough to block shots without you feeling any pain, and need to be well made. Also, make sure you get the proper size. If the pads are too small for your legs, you could end up leaving some parts of your body exposed, which could lead to injury.


Of course, you also need to consider how comfortable the pads are to wear. You will often be wearing these for an hour or longer, and moving around a lot in them. If they are abrasive or uncomfortable, it can take you off your game and be very annoying to deal with.

In addition to the use of comfortable materials, the weight and size of the pads is important. They need to protect you and fit well, but also be lightweight enough to ensure you can remain agile between the pipes and are capable of making saves when your team needs it most.


Constantly falling and sliding on your pads as a goalie on any surface can lead to damage, but especially on one that is rough like the street. Because of this, if you want pads to last, you need to do your best to make sure that they are durable and can hold up to repeated usage.

You want to ensure the pads you purchase use quality and resilient materials, or they will begin to show signs of wear incredibly quickly. Of course, be careful with how you use them as even the highest-quality pads will wear out if treated poorly and abused game after game.

My Verdict

My selection for the best street hockey goalie pads are the Winnwell Street Hockey Goalie Pads. They offer a great blend of comfort and protection, can stand up to repeated usage, and were made specifically with the sport of street hockey in mind.

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