4 Best Roller Hockey Wheels

This guide is going to go over some of the best roller hockey wheels for those looking to take their skates to the next level. After a lot of thought and research, my top pick is the Blue Bellies 8 Inline Skate Wheels.

Speaking from experience, having the right wheels on your roller skates is very important and can have an impact on your top speed, how well you turn, how easy it is to stop, and so much more.

The Blue Bellies are a very versatile wheel that can help you skate your best both indoors and outdoors. They are durable, offer up a lot of grip, and glide incredibly smoothly. They are also incredibly quiet during use and are easy to put on any skate that fits them.

While these are my favorite, they aren’t the only option you have. There are wheels specifically designed for indoor use, those that should only ever be used outdoors, and even those that are made and designed to be used with goalie skates.

Choosing the right wheels can make sure you maintain your balance, speed, and grip, no matter where you are playing. Read on to learn a little more about some of the best roller hockey wheels and why they may be the right choice for you.

Best Roller Hockey Wheels: Top Choices

Here are my recommendations for the best roller hockey wheels and some information about why each of them is a good choice.

1. Blue Bellies 8 Inline Skate Wheels

  • Best for: Players looking for a versatile skate to wear indoors and out.
  • Size: 76mm
  • Hardness: 78A
  • Colors: Blue

These wheels are my choice for the best overall option due to their versatility. Because of their durometer measurement (standardized way of measuring hardness of rubber) of 78A, they are well suited for outdoor use, while also still working indoors.

Many skates will struggle on one of these surfaces, but not this one. It will provide a smooth and grippy experience, no matter where you are skating. You hardly hear the skates, and they don’t catch or have a rough ride like many others in this price range.

These skates are also of tremendous value as you get 8 of them, for a fair price. If treated well, these wheels can also be incredibly durable and shouldn’t deteriorate as quickly as some others might.

One downside is that these skates don’t come with the bearings, and you will need to purchase them separately. Also, they only come in a 76mm size which is fine, but many skates may require an 80mm wheel.

==> You can also get it at Walmart.

2. Labeda Gripper Inline Hockey Wheels

  • Best for: Players looking for a quality skate to use in indoor games.
  • Size: 72mm to 80 mm.
  • Hardness: 76A
  • Colors: Yellow, white, red, and others.

If you are after some wheels to use on indoor courts or surfaces, this might be the wheel for you. These have a durometer measurement of 76A, meaning that it is a soft wheel that will maintain grip, control, and speed even on the slick and slippery indoor surfaces.

These wheels come in a range of different colors and sizes, and their grip can last incredibly long in many cases. The smaller core design of these wheels means that they can allow the materials to flex a little, which maximizes the grip you can get.

One downside is that some people have claimed that consistency from wheel to wheel isn’t always the best, so make sure that all wheels you ordered match up well and aren’t different from one another.

==> You can also get it on PureHockey.com or at Walmart.

3. AOWISH Inline Skate Wheels 85A Outdoor Asphalt Formula

  • Best for: Players looking for a great wheel to use outdoors.
  • Size: 68mm to 80mm.
  • Hardness: 85A
  • Colors: Blue, black and red.

If you are going to be primarily playing and skating outdoors, you need a strong and hard wheel that is up to the challenge. This 85A wheel was designed specifically to stand up to rough and uneven outdoor terrain and still perform beautifully over time.

Made of polyurethane, these wheels can provide a very smooth and consistent outdoor skating experience without wearing down too quickly. They don’t sacrifice speed for their grip, and are a solid option for skating, hockey, and even things like roller suitcases.

The wheels also come with bearings and floating spacers already installed, which has the potential to save you a lot of work and money. However, the bearings aren’t of the highest quality, so some skaters or players may want to replace them anyways.

4. TronX Outdoor Asphalt Pavement 85A Inline Roller Hockey Wheels 8 Pack

  • Best for: Goalies playing in outdoor games.
  • Size: 59mm
  • Hardness: 85A
  • Colors: Orange

When it comes to goalies in roller hockey, they offer wear different skates that feature smaller wheels. Finding appropriate goalie wheels for roller hockey skates can be difficult, but these are a great option.

Coming in at 59mm, they are the perfect size for goalies, and allow for quick and rapid movements with a lot of force. They make it easy to glide across the crease and ensure you always have enough speed to get to the puck to stop it.

These wheels also come in other sizes, if different players want to give them a try. One downside is that due to their hardness of 85A, these are primarily for use outdoors, and if you try to wear them inside you might struggle.

Best Roller Hockey Wheels: What to Look For

If you are looking for the best roller hockey wheels, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right ones.

Wheel Size

Among the first things you need to look at and consider is the size of the wheels. Your skate might not fit all sizes of wheels, so you need to be careful to buy the right ones. Wheels can vary from around 47mm up to about 80mm.

Larger wheels are normally for adult skates, and smaller for childrens. Many skates feature four of the same wheels, but some have slight variations for the front and back wheels, so always be careful.

It is important to note that if you are looking for replacement wheels for goalie roller hockey skates, they will generally be smaller than normal, often less than 60mm for adults.

Wheel Hardness

The hardness of a wheel is also something you need to think about. While all roller hockey wheels may look similar, there are several different types. There are those that are suitable for indoor use, those that work better outdoors, and those that can be used on either surface.

If you want wheels for indoor use, you generally want to look for a hardness around 72A to 76A. If you plan to use your wheels on different surfaces, 78A or 80A is likely right for you. And outdoor wheels will need to be harder, at around 82A to 85A.

Many of the wheels will list their hardness right on the wheel themselves, but if not, they will certainly be on the packaging or online product description.

Color and Style

Also, you want to consider the color and style of the wheels in your purchase. The wheels on your skates can be quite prominent, and an important part of your overall look. They often come in many different colors, so choose one you like or one that matches your uniform.

Some may even have fun designs or marks on them to allow you to show off your personality even more. While how the wheel performs is obviously the most important thing, you still want them to look good at the same time.

My Verdict

My choice for the best roller hockey wheels are the Blue Bellies 8. Their multi-surface use ensures they are versatile, and they offer great performance and a very comfortable and smooth ride.

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