3 Best Hockey Stick Wax

This guide is going to help you choose the best hockey stick wax to improve your grip, your puck control and extend the life of your tape job. After significant research, my choice for the overall best hockey stick wax is Grip Boost.

Playing hockey when growing up, I became aware of the importance of using hockey stick wax. It gives you more control of the puck, protects your stick, and makes it smell incredible. Whether playing at the outdoor rink or indoors, hockey stick wax is a must-have.

Grip Boost is a great all-around option as it reduces ice buildup, improves grip, keeps your tape together, and generally helps you perform better on the ice.

This hockey stick wax will work for many people, but others may prefer something a little different. For example, if you want different scents or a different level of grip or performance, there are other options to familiarize yourself with as well.

Keep reading this guide to learn more about the best hockey stick wax to help you become the best player possible, and help your stick stand the test of time.

Top Hockey Stick Wax

Here are my recommendations, as well as a detailed review of the different options.

1. Grip Boost

  • Best for: A high-quality overall experience.
  • Protection: Aims to prolong the life of your tape job.
  • Grip: A proprietary formula for vastly improved grip on the puck.
  • Scent: Smells sweet like candy.

Grip Boost is simply a great overall product for those looking for hockey stick wax. It will help protect both your blade and tape job. The wax used was also tested and designed to ensure it can help reduce the buildup of ice and snow, to keep your stick clean and clear of debris.

The propriety grip formula that is used in the wax helps you to maintain better control of the puck. This makes everything easier from scoring, to passing, to dangling your opponents out of their shorts. This product is made in the USA and has a sweet smell, almost like candy.

While it is a popular choice, one potential downside of this product is the lack of other scents. If you are not a fan of the scent, there is no other way to try another and see if you like it better.

2. Absolute Filth Hockey Wax

  • Best for: Improving the grip of your stick.
  • Protection: Actively repels water from your stick.
  • Grip: This tacky wax gives you total control of the puck during the game.
  • Scent: A variety of different scents to choose from.

This hockey stick wax is incredible for those who want a boost to their performance on the ice. Using a blend of five different waxes (made of all-natural ingredients), Absolute Filth gives you tacky control to ensure every pass and shot can be made with precision.

The wax will also actively repel water from the stick, prolonging the life of your tape job and keeping it nice and tight. This soft wax goes onto your stick and blade super easy, and will melt deep into the tape for optimal protection and performance.

The wax also comes in many great scents like citrus, cherry, cinnamon and others. Unfortunately, this wax is quite soft and has the potential to be messy at times. However, over time, you will learn how to use it more effectively.

3. Howies Hockey Stick Wax

  • Best for: Protecting your stick from snow and ice buildup.
  • Protection: Prevents buildup to give you a better puck feel.
  • Grip: A blend of soft microcrystalline and other waxes for great control.
  • Scent: Strawberry-Kiwi

Howie’s is one of the biggest names in the hockey stick wax game, and it is easy to see why. Their wax offers superb protection against both ice and snow buildup, which gives you the best puck feel possible. 

The wax is a blend of soft microcrystalline and others to ensure you can always maintain full control of the puck. Applying a liberal amount to your tape job can improve performance, reduce the frequency of re-taping your stick and ensure you play your best on the ice.

One downside to this product is the price. While it is high-quality, it is more expensive than other options available, which could turn people away.

==> You can also get it on PureHockey.com or HockeyWorld.com.

Best Hockey Stick Wax: What to Look For

If you are looking to find the best hockey stick wax, here are a few factors to consider.


One of the prime goals of waxing your hockey stick is to improve the grip of your stick. In particular, the blade. With better grip over the tape, it can help give you better control over the puck. This goes for whether you are deking, passing, shooting or receiving passes.

Without this added grip, it’s much easier for the puck to slide around more and miss its mark. Between the ice, the slippery puck and a tape job that is wet from the snow and ice, hockey stick wax can help keep things under control.


Hockey stick wax is also crucial for protecting your stick and tape job. If the wax doesn’t provide ample protection against ice, snow and other debris, it could have a negative impact on your performance. Ice and snow being stuck to the stick can make it hard to play effectively.

Also, hockey stick wax can help the longevity of your tape job. It will keep moisture away from the tape, to ensure the tape job doesn’t deteriorate and become loose or fray.


Hockey equipment, especially gloves, are known for being quite stinky. Thankfully, hockey stick wax can ensure you have at least one great-smelling piece of equipment. This wax comes in a range of different scents, so make sure to find one that you enjoy.

This pleasant smell can also prevent the stink from your gloves from finding its way onto the stick. Of course, be sure not to eat this hockey wax, no matter how tasty it smells.

My Verdict

In my eyes, the best hockey stick wax is Grip Boost. It provides just about everything you want from a puck of hockey wax, from protecting your tape job and blade, to improving your grip to give you a superior level of puck control.

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