3 Best Hockey Skates for Flat Feet

This guide is going to take you through a couple of the different skate options out there for those with flat feet. While several options should work, my choice for the best is the Bauer Nexus 2N.

While I myself don’t have flat feet, several of my hockey-playing friends who do have complained of sore feet time and time again. Thankfully, choosing the right skate can lessen or completely alleviate this pain and discomfort.

The Bauer Nexus 2N is a skate with a lot of volume, and a comfortable and supportive footbed to keep your feet feeling great. The skate also allows for great performance, solid comfort and is a good all-around option.

If you value things like either comfort or performance instead of a skate that features a bit of both, there are certainly other options out there, too. Keep reading this guide to learn a little more about some of the premier hockey skates for those with flatter-than-average feet.

Top Hockey Skates for Flat Feet

Below are my recommendations along with some additional information about each pair of skates.

1. Bauer Nexus 2N

  • Best for: Hockey players that want a good all-around option.
  • Performance: Great responsiveness, as well as an ultra-lightweight boot.
  • Comfort and Fit: A supportive and comfortable footbed, and a skate that conforms well.
  • Protection: Metatarsal guide in the tongue, ankle padding and a stiff skate.

One of the first pairs of skates that those with flat feet should consider is the Bauer Nexus 2N. A big reason for this is because they are a high-volume skate, which is perfect for flat feet (as they are often quite wide, as well).

The footbed is the Form Fit+ which provides skates with custom support, as well ensuring the foot stays comfortable. But in addition to being comfortable and supportive for those with flat feet, these skates can offer so much more.

The protective features from heel to toe are durable, and the skates are very responsive and help you skate your hardest during your shift. They are quite light for how protective they are and can assist in keeping your feet from getting too sweaty.

A drawback of these skates is the cost. They are quite expensive, and simply won’t be in the budget for some people. But if you can afford them, few better skates fit well for those with flat or wide feet.

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2. Botas Largo 571 Pro

  • Best for: Players that want high levels of comfort.
  • Performance: Allows for great movement, while still remaining rigid for energy transfer.
  • Comfort and Fit: Quick-dry soft liner, airflow system and comfortable insole and pads.
  • Protection: Reinforced sides, padding all over the foot and tough plastic toe protection.

If you want a good skate for flat feet, but also one that puts comfort first, consider these Czech-made skates. They feature the Botas Air anatomical insole, that keeps your foot supported, comfortable and cool.

The skates also feature a quick-dry liner, as well as an airflow system to extract both heat and moisture. There is comfortable thermo-active padding and a great fit that makes sure the skate maintains a perfect grip on the foot.

In addition to comfort, the skate also has reinforced siding and a hard plastic toe for protection, while also featuring a rigid and lightweight design of the boot, to allow for smooth and consistent energy transfer to give you optimal control whether you are starting, stopping, or turning.

Despite all the benefits of these skates, the manufacturer doesn’t have the reputation that many North American brands like Bauer, CCM, and others might have. While this isn’t a reason not to consider the skate, you will want to put in some research to make sure they are right for you.

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3. CCM Super Tacks 9380

  • Best for: Skaters who value performance over everything.
  • Performance: A great blade with a long-lasting edge, and a lightweight core.
  • Comfort and Fit: Comfort pad, great moisture-wicking and abrasion protection.
  • Protection: Heel pocket padding and reinforcement layers in the tongue.

If performance is the name of the game for you, consider these skates from CCM. They feature a lightweight core for great performance, without the high levels of stiffness that other skates may have. The skate is also made of a professional-caliber material that won’t hold you back.

The included blade is also very high-quality and durable, with a long-lasting edge. Of course, the OrthoLite footbed provides ideal support, and the shape of the boot can also help to give you a superior fit on your foot.

When it comes to comfort and protection, the skate is adequate in each category, as well. The abrasion protection and moisture-wicking tendencies of the liner are great, as are the heel pocket padding and reinforced tongue to protect from common impacts.

One downside of this pair of skates is that they are a little less stiff than others. While their performance doesn’t suffer thanks to the thermo-formable core, some people may prefer a stiffer skate.

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Best Hockey Skates for Flat Feet: What to Look For

Here are some factors that I think you should take into consideration when looking for hockey skates for flat feet.


Whether your feet are flat or arched, you need to ensure the skates you get are protective. Hockey is full of potential hazards to your feet, from the puck, to stick checks/hooks from other players, to other skates. Your skates need to be tough and capable of keeping your feet safe.

They should feature padding throughout, and extra protection on areas like your toes, heel, and ankles. The outer shell of the skate should also be relatively hard, and the skates should be durable to hold up to wear and tear over time.

Comfort and Fit

If you are going to be wearing these skates multiple times a week for games and practices, you need them to be comfortable. They should not irritate your skin and should feature materials and technology aimed at keeping your feet dry and comfortable, all game long.

They should also fit your feet well. Thankfully, skates come in many different sizes and different width levels, to ensure you can always find the proper and comfortable fit. Also, you want to ensure that a skate offers adequate support for flat feet, to ensure your feet don’t ache.


If you want to play your best, getting a skate that offers great performance is also incredibly important. The performance of a skate is often dictated by how high-quality the materials are, and how stiff the skates are. Stiff skates often allow for better energy transfer.

Also, having a skate that is relatively light to allow for great mobility can be crucial to performance. The blade should also be quality, and be sure to sharpen them frequently to keep your skates feeling great.

My Verdict

My selection for the best pair of hockey skates for those with flat feet is the Bauer Nexus 2N. They are incredibly roomy, while still offering a secure fit, and a supportive footbed to keep the foot comfortable, and in the right position.

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