4 Best Hockey Skates for Beginners

This guide is going to take a closer look at some of the best beginner hockey skates for those looking to get involved in the sport. After a lot of research and some deliberation, my top pick is the Botas Attack 181.

As a Canadian, I got my first pair of hockey skates at a very young age and fell in love with being able to glide effortlessly across the ice. It was a lot of fun, but getting the right pair is crucial to ensuring success when it comes to learning both skating and the game of hockey.

The Botas Attack 181 is designed with a new or beginner hockey player in mind. They protect against impact well, offer up a lot of support, without hurting their ability to be comfortable. The skates also come in a variety of sizes, so new players of any age can have a great skate.

While this is my favorite overall choice, it isn’t the only choice for new hockey players. There are other options for those who may have differing needs. For example, if you want better comfort, increased support, or something tailored for young players, there is something out there for you.

Getting the right pair of skates is crucial to help you learn the beautiful game of hockey and the wrong pair can certainly hold you back and make things more difficult. Read on to learn more about the best hockey skates for beginners.

Top Hockey Skates for Beginners

Here are my recommendations for the best hockey skates for beginners, as well as a small look at what each has to offer.

1. Botas – Attack 181 – Men’s Ice Hockey Skates

  • Best for: A high-quality overall skate for beginners.
  • Support: Good ankle support/protection and a ventilated plastic sole.
  • Comfort: The padding, synthetic liner, and flexible tongue make for a comfy skate.
  • Materials: latex foam padding, durable plastic blade holder, and fabric upper.

Botas makes a variety of skates for every level of hockey player and the Attack 181 is the best for beginners. Starting from the top, the ankle is padded and protected to keep you comfortable and stable. It is padded with foam, which you will see is common in beginner-friendly skates.

The tongue of the skates is not only anatomically shaped, but also offers reinforced protection, without being too stiff or uncomfortable. The outer liner of the skate itself is also durable and strong, to stand up to everything from slashes, to slap shots from the slot.

The toe features a hard plastic tip to keep your toes safe, and the sole is fairly low-profile with solid comfort and ventilation to prevent your feet from overheating. The blade of the skate is stainless steel and is placed in a strong plastic holder.

The skates also look great and with both child and adult sizes available, they can ensure every beginner has a quality skate that they can feel comfortable with.

One drawback of these otherwise great skates is that they are a little on the narrow side. If you have fairly wide feet, it is a good idea to consider looking elsewhere.

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2. Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Recreational Hockey Skate

  • Best for: Hockey players who value comfort over everything.
  • Support: Solid support, but not as stiff as some of the other options.
  • Comfort: Superb comfortability due to the foam padding and Thinsulate upper.
  • Materials: Thinsulate, foam, and durable nylon, with a synthetic outsole.

If you are a new hockey player and value your comfortability on the ice more than anything else, this is a fantastic pair of skates. This comfort begins with the Thinsulate-lined upper and tongue for incredible comfort and warmth for your feet.

Despite all of this Thinsulate fabric, and the foam padding, the skates remain relatively lightweight. The synthetic outsole also helps to keep the weight low. They feature durable nylon throughout the skate, to help keep them in great shape, game after game.

While this comfort is great, the skates are also no slouch in the support department, either. They not only support the ankle well, but also ensure your foot is supported during play.

One downside of this skate is that the performance it offers may lack when compared to others. It is not quite as stiff as some others, which could hurt your ability to skate as quickly. However, it is marketed as a comfortable skate, and it certainly lives up to it.

3. Tour Hockey Tr-750 Ice Hockey Skate

  • Best for: Great support and protection on the ice.
  • Support: Firm ankle support thanks to composite quarter panels.
  • Comfort: Deluxe foam, as well as a comfortable brushed liner.
  • Materials: foam padding throughout and a strong and durable outer material.

While comfort is great during the game, if your skates don’t offer support, your feet could hurt for days once you step off the ice. These skates from Tour Hockey feature composite quarter panels, which offer up very firm ankle support.

This lets you turn and glide with power, and not need to worry about hurting yourself. The foam padding helps the fit of these skates, while also providing an acceptable level of comfort. In addition to solid support, these skates are also great for protecting your feet.

The protective outer layer of the skate is synthetic and well-made, which helps deflect pucks and other hazards away, to help aid in injury/pain prevention. The durability, along with the affordability, make these skates a great value choice that should last you years if treated right.

A potential downside of the skate is that they run a little small and can be a bit tighter than most skaters would like. This can make ordering tough as, generally, you should go one size down (compared to your shoe size), when buying skates. With these, that might be too small.

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4. Lake Placid Wizard 400 Boys Adjustable Ice Skate

  • Best for: Young players looking for an adjustable skate to grow with them.
  • Support: Reinforced ankles and the ability to adjust for the perfect fit.
  • Comfort: A quick-dry liner, complete with a padded tongue and ankles.
  • Materials: Stiff fabric for support, along with comfort padding.

These are a great choice for the beginner youth hockey player in your life. Their biggest selling point is the fact that they can be adjusted in terms of size. So as a youth hockey player gets older, these skates can grow with them.

All you need to do in order to adjust the skate, all you need to do is rotate the lever, push the toe forward, and then reset the lever. But these have more than their customization going for them. They feature reinforced ankles, a quick-dry liner, and adequate padding throughout the skate.

These skates can be used inside or outside, and are just as great for casual skating as they are for hockey. They are simple to adjust, and putting them on and getting the perfect fit by tightening them is easy.

One downside of these skates is how stiff the fabric is. While stiffness is great for performance, it isn’t the most comfortable and can be a little tough for new youth players to break them in.

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Best Hockey Skates for Beginners: What to Look For

If you are looking for some of the best hockey skates for beginners, here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which to pick up.


If you are a new skater or hockey player, you likely want a pair of skates that will be comfortable to wear. Hockey games can be well over an hour in some cases, and if your skates aren’t comfortable, your feet will surely be in pain after only a single game.

While your feet may eventually get used to an uncomfortable skate, it is best to ensure you get a pair you can see yourself wearing game after game. The skates should fit your feel well, and be made of materials that are comfortable on your feet, even after a prolonged period of time.


Of course, the support offered by a skate is also crucial to how well they will work for you. A skate should be stiff enough to support your ankles and allow for easier turning and pushing off on the ice. A skate with no support could lead to injuries or ankle soreness.

In addition to support, you also need some protection. Whether it is the puck, sticks or even the skates of other players, there are many potential hazards for hockey players to deal with on the ice. They should have some kind of padding for protection to keep your feet in good shape.


While you might be a new hockey player, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to play well on the ice. As a result, you need to ensure the hockey skates you choose don’t hinder your ability to skate with speed and precision.

Your skates should allow a great transfer of power, and fit well so you have full control of your every move. The blade should be high-quality and durable, and the skates shouldn’t be too heavy or bulky. In general, a stiffer skate will offer better performance and responsiveness.

My Verdict

My selection of the best hockey skates for beginners is Botas Attack 181. They have great padding throughout the skate, are durable, and even have ventilation in the sole for added comfort. They will protect you, and not hold you back on the ice.

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