4 Best Hockey Gloves

This guide is going to take a closer look at some options if you are looking to replace your hockey gloves. Many solid choices exist, but my choice for the best on the market is the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro.

Whether playing street hockey, ball hockey, or ice hockey, I have always made a point to wear gloves. There is nothing worse than taking a hard shot, deflection, or even a stick off of your hand or wrist. Not only will it hurt, but it could also impact your ability to play well for the rest of the game.

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro is a versatile pair of gloves that will keep you safe and comfortable, all without holding back your mobility.  They fit well, have protection throughout the hand, wick moisture, and give you great control.

While these gloves are a great choice for a variety of players, other gloves might appeal to you more. There are gloves for those who value a ton of protection, options for those who want optimal comfort, and even some gloves for players on a budget.

Keep reading this guide to learn some more about the many options you have on your search for a new pair of hockey gloves to keep your hands protected.

Top Hockey Gloves

Here are a couple of the best choices on the market, as well as some more information about each one.

1. Bauer Supreme 2S Pro

  • Best for: Players who want a good overall pair of gloves.
  • Protection: Triple Shox and Poron XRD foam throughout the glove.
  • Comfort: Thermo-Core liner to keep you dry and comfortable for long periods.
  • Fit: A snug fit and anatomical design.

These are simply a very versatile choice that will work for you, no matter your play style. They offer both Triple Shox and Poron XRD foam in the glove for pro-level protection. These protect against impact incredibly well, without making the glove too bulky or heavy.

The pro nylon mesh shell also helps to keep the gloves light, and the snug fit (as well as the three-piece index and thumb) ensure you always stay in control. The interior liner will keep your hands dry and stop odor in its track, while also boosting the comfort of the glove considerably.

The palm is very durable and shouldn’t deteriorate quickly, and the AMP cuff is great for your range of motion during play.

One drawback is that these gloves are a little on the expensive side. While they are perfect if you have the budget, if you are limited, you may want to look elsewhere for a product that provides a little more value for your money.

==> You can also get it on HockeyMonkey.com (USA), HockeyMonkey.ca (Canada), or HockeyWorld.com.

2. STX Surgeon RX3

  • Best for: Players on a budget.
  • Protection: An abrasion-resistant material and lightweight protection.
  • Comfort: Seam reduction leads to great comfort and range of motion.
  • Fit: A precision fit gives you a lot of flexibility and control.

If you’re a player on a budget looking for a great value pair of gloves, these are a logical choice. They have a very precise fit, which helps both with control and ensuring your hands can be as mobile as you need on the ice.

The palms feature a single seam design that can drastically improve the tactile feel the gloves can offer. The longevity of the gloves is also something to mention, as they are made with abrasion-resistant materials in zones that usually wear quickly.

The one downside to these gloves is that their protective features are a little lacking when compared to other gloves. They will still keep you safe, but simply don’t have the same protective technologies in place, which is to be expected with the lower price tag.

==> You can also get it on PureHockey.com.

3. Warrior Alpha Qx Pro

  • Best for: Those who value a comfortable feel and fit over everything.
  • Protection: Phantom Foam for lightweight protection, and shield inserts.
  • Comfort: Quality materials that allow for a soft feel and a lot of control.
  • Fit: The glove can contour to the natural shape of your hand and gives a modern feel.

Some players want a pair of gloves that will not hold them back in their efforts to win games. If you value the comfort, fit and feel of a glove, this offering from Warrior is a solid choice. They have a great fit and can contour perfectly to your hands.

They don’t hold you back when handling the puck, are game-ready right off the shelf, and give you optimal control. They are comfortable to wear and offer a soft feel, thanks to the quality materials that are used within the glove.

Not to be outdone, the glove still offers solid protection for your hands and wrists, too. The Phantom Foam included in the gloves is a blend of quality foam and shield inserts to absorb and disperse large impacts, to keep you feeling great.

While the gloves are comfortable and fit well, they are definitely for those who want a snug and contoured fit. This is great for control of the puck, but some players prefer a little more space and volume in their hockey gloves.

==> You can also get it on PureHockey.com or HockeyWorld.com.

4. CCM Jetspeed FT1

  • Best for: Players who value the best in terms of protection.
  • Protection: Three different levels of high-end protection throughout the glove.
  • Comfort: A soft and comfortable liner that is anti-microbial and polygiene treated.
  • Fit: A tapered fit with a tighter backhand and fingers, while still allowing for good flexibility.

With the primary goal of hockey gloves being to protect a player, it should come as no surprise that many people may want the best in terms of protection. These gloves have three different levels of protection to keep a player safe and injury-free.

The gloves include a lightweight Zotefoam, D30 to stiffen on impact, and PE inserts to complete the protection. This protection extends along with the fingers and back of the hands, the palm, and even to the cuff for great wrist protection. 

These gloves have a tapered fit and provide good flexibility and mobility. The exterior of the gloves is made of polyester and synthetic leather for even more protection, as well as a lot of durabilities.

One negative to mention about the gloves is that they are quite bulky, which might turn some people off. They have a good fit, but with all of the protection included in the glove, it does make them a little larger than some of the others you may find.

==> You can also get it on HockeyMonkey.ca (Canada) or HockeyWorld.com.

Best Hockey Gloves: What to Look For

In the market for some new hockey gloves? If so, these are some of the things you should think about before buying a pair.


The main reason for wearing hockey gloves on the ice comes down to protection. Taking a slapshot or slash to the hand or wrist has the potential to be incredibly painful if you’re not wearing a glove.

The glove should have adequate protection for the wrist, the palm, the fingers, and even the top of the hand. The gloves should reduce impact, and cradle the hands in a way that keeps them safe. If the protection is weak and thin, it could leave you prone to pain or even worse, an injury.

Fit and Sizing

The fit is also important to think about. Traditional fit offers a lot of space in the glove and great mobility of the wrist. A tapered fit is snug in the fingers but offers some volume around the cuff. Contoured fit reduces space and often has better responsiveness.

The sizing of a pair of hockey gloves is also crucial. Too large and the gloves will get in the way and impact your ability to play well. But if they are too small in terms of size, they may not protect your hands as well as they should and could be too uncomfortable and restricting.

Comfort and Materials

You also want the hockey gloves you get to be comfortable. You will need to wear them for an entire game, and if they are distracting you, it can be very challenging. In general, if you get the right fit or size, your gloves should be relatively comfortable.

However, the materials used in the glove can also dictate how comfortable a glove is to wear. The inner liner should be soft enough not to hurt or scratch your hands, and the protection should be strong, but still allow for decent mobility and movement.


Here are a couple of the most commonly asked questions regarding hockey gloves, as well as my answers to them.

How Should Hockey Gloves Fit?

The cuff of a pair of hockey gloves should fully cover the wrist of a player, and there shouldn’t be a gap between the end of your elbow pads, and the start of your gloves. As far as how tight or loose they are, that all comes down to your preference.

How to Keep Hockey Gloves Smelling Fresh?

After a few games, your hockey gloves may begin to stink. Thankfully, there are some ways to combat this problem. This includes wearing a light pair of gloves under the hockey glove to stop sweat, airing your gloves out after a game, use a deodorizer or even wash the gloves.

How long will a pair of gloves last?

If cared for well, a pair of hockey gloves should be able to last for a couple of seasons. Be sure to keep them clean and dry, and do your best to be careful with them. Of course, some are more durable than others, so it can also depend on the pair you have and the brand, as well.

My Verdict

My selection for the best hockey gloves is the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro. The gloves are incredibly versatile, as they offer players a good blend of comfort, mobility, and protection. They feature plenty of elite features to help you play your best, all game long.

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